The CoWatch was built to make life easier


Wearable technology is a pretty big industry right now, and if you’re interested, you have to wade through a swamp of choices that range from awesome to terrible. While you want the most bang for your buck, you also have to take how it looks into account, as something you’re going to wear every day is going to factor in to your style. While there are tons of options already on the market, it wouldn’t be a proper Monday if there wasn’t a new and improved version on a crowdfunding site.

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Casio EDIFICE timepiece simply loves the sun

casio-edifice-solarCasio America, Inc. is more than pleased to announce that they have yet another timepiece that will hit the market, where it will fall under the EDIFICE banner. Targeting the men this time around, the model number of EQB-500DB-2A might be difficult to roll off the tongue, but that is all right, since it would be a whole lot easier to simply refer to it as the all-new Casio EDIFICE watch. This particularly new timepiece will come equipped with Smart Phone Link, Tough Solar Power, a 3D Dial and water resistance up to 100 meters, where the advanced functionality will be merged alongside a modern style which makes Casio’s EQB-500DB-2A ideal for any man’s professional or weekend lifestyle. It does not matter whether he is going abroad for work or a holiday, or is just a local traveler, the watch’s Global Time Sync functionality will be able to ensure that he remains on pace.

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Casio reveals trio of new timepieces under G-Shock Master of G line

g-shock-rescue-redWhen it comes to owning a watch, many of the younger ones out there do seem to make more use of their phones as a timepiece than wearing a watch, where the thing on your wrist ends up more as a fashion accessory than a time-keeping device – unless of course, they decide to settle for a smartwatch like the Apple Watch, of course. Well, having a good watch is always a boon, since you can never quite tell just when you would need to tell the time when you are caught out in a thunderstorm and are soaking wet. Surely the average smartphone is not going to last in the showers, but Casio’s G-Shock range is going to shrug off all that water without missing a beat. Here we are with word that the Japanese firm will be introducing three new timepieces in a striking Rescue Red color theme for the G-Shock Master of G line.

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Nixon’s Mission Android Wear smartwatch targets surfers, snowboarders

When it comes to tough-as-nails timepieces, there is only one particular name that many of us look forward to, and that would be none other than that of Casio’s G-Shock range of timepieces. However, it looks like Nixon intends to bring a little bit of rough and tumble into the world of wearable technology through the unveiling of their Mission smartwatch.

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Research Firm: Apple Watch To Capture 50% Of Global Smartwatch Market This Year

apple-watchIt looks like there is a spanking new report that hails from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), and in this particular report, it cites that Apple would have a strong reign in the smartwatch market this year, but they should look over their shoulders with predictions that Android Wear will catch up at the end of the decade. In the report, Apple is tipped to sell up to 14 million smartwatches in 2016, earning itself 49.4% of the global smartwatch market along the way.

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UnaliWear Kanega watch has AT&T to thank for connectivity

kanega-watchIt looks like owning a watch alone these days is not quite enough, as one might want to go the extra mile and actually bring home a smartwatch to tell the time. After all, a smartwatch works great in the sense where you are able to tell the time – and then some, ranging from being notified of incoming emails and text messages as well as phone calls, to changing the face of the smartwatch to suit whatever you are wearing on that particular day, among others. Of course, it does help a whole lot that the smartwatches of today look far more elegant and modern than ever before. UnaliWar’s version of the smartwatch is known as the Kanega, and for a smartwatch to be just that, having an Internet connection is crucial, and the Kanega will hook up with AT&T for connectivity.

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Casio reveals new MR-G variant G-Shock timepiece

casio-mrgHaving a watch used to be cool for a very, very long time, until smartphones came along and more or less made the watch redundant as an essential tool, downgrading it more to that of a fashion accessory. However, smart watches have managed to find a niche for themselves, and it looks like the elegant timepiece wrapped around your wrist is not going to go away anytime soon. Heck, even some manufacturers like Casio have made a name for themselves by clearly entrenching their products as tough-as-nails devices, with the G-Shock brand name reverberating across the industry. The latest model would be the new MR-G variant G-Shock timepiece that will be known as the MR-G Hybrid GPS, as it hits the market some time later this month.

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