PowerWatch begins to ship

by Edwin

It has taken less than a year after materials science pioneer Matrix Industries’ crowdfunding effort took off to great success, and now the shipment of its PowerWatch to initial backers has commenced. This highly sought after PowerWatch is touted to be the first device of its kind, in the sense where it is powered by the wearer’s body itself. This is the perfect demonstration of Matrix’s proprietary thermoelectric energy converter, …

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G-Shock MR-G connected timepieces get a couple of new models

by Edwin


Casio’s G-Shock has long been the gold standard for affordable timepieces that are extremely tough and more than capable of handling just about anything that you throw at it. There is a constant improvement in the kind of G-Shock models that hit the market, and the newest two models under the MR-G connected watches from G-Shock will boast of 3-way time sync connectivity.

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LunaR is a solar-powered smartwatch

by Edwin


A smartwatch more often than not comes with its very own collection of features apart from simply telling the time. It will, most of the time, be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, alerting you of any incoming messages or phone calls so that you know who is contacting you without having to go through the trouble of taking out your smartphone from your pocket. However, smartwatches have far less …

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Casio announces men’s G-Shock G-Steel line of connected watches

by Edwin


The humble watch used to be a tool to tell the time, but over the years, it has ended up as a fashion statement, one that could even cost more than an entire house if it is studded with jewels and other kinds of precious gems. Well, the watch was said to die a slow death with the introduction of smartwatches, but such a prediction has proven to be otherwise. …

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Timex Ironman GPS watch

by Edwin


Timex is well known for rolling out GPS watches for the sports enthusiast, and with the $99 Timex Ironman GPS watch, their latest effort is no different. In fact, Timex claims that it is going to be the most simple GPS watch that they have launched to date, and we are simply not surprised at all with that claim. In fact, it boasts of the latest antenna technologies alongside an …

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Carah timepiece offers safety to boot

by Edwin


Not all timepieces are created equal. Some of them happen to be far more advanced than the others, and K-ICT Born2Global Centre’s vision for a unique device that is not only capable of telling the time, but also to ensure protection for the wearer arrives in the form of the Carah safety watch. Of course, the Carah safety watch will continue to remain a dream if it is not fully …

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New Blackjack watch is a beauty to behold

by Edwin


Timepieces are more of a fashion accessory these days than a tool that we use to tell the time. Sure, watches are useful to wear, but the traditional time telling method has been more or less made obsolete in the cities and urban areas thanks to our smartphones and computers that provide a constant reminder on what time it is. However, there is still room for watches, as smartwatches have …

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Sequent is the first kinetic self-charging smart watch in the world

by Edwin


When it comes to smart watches, most of the time we would think of the Apple Watch. After all, it is the marketing juggernaut from Cupertino that has pushed smart watches into mainstream consciousness, and while Apple continues to maintain a level of secrecy over the sales numbers of their Apple Watch, other industry players such as Huawei have also jumped aboard the bandwagon. However, there are other players that …

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