Timeshare Alarm Clock will no swindle you of your money

by Edwin

When we think about timeshare programs, most of us would be drawn to the exotic locations of various properties where we can spend some much needed rest and relaxation with our loved ones, at a fraction of a price. However, Duaxi Electronics has something very different in store when it comes to the word “timeshare”, offering the all-new Timeshare Alarm Clock. No, you do not have to pay a few …

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Casio G-SHOCK DW5000 is first all-metal men’s model

by Edwin


When it comes to churning out watches for the masses that are reliable and long lasting, one of the names that come to mind would be Casio of Japan. Casio has long been a bastion of quality timepieces, and their G-SHOCK range has been held in high regard for delivering accurate time-telling while being able to survive even in the most demanding of situations. 2018 is a watermark year for …

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Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is another first for the watch company

by Edwin


When it comes to rugged and tough timepieces, one particular name stands out from the Casio brand, and that would be the G-Shock family. Over the years, there has been many different kinds of G-Shock timepieces that have stood the test of time, but just how many iterations and designs can you churn out without moving on with the times? This is exactly what the latest Rangeman watch from Casio …

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Matrix reveals the PowerWatch X

by Edwin


Most of the time, we would think that a watch is powered through one of three methods: the traditional button cell battery, kinetic energy, or solar power. Matrix decided to take the road less traveled with a no-less adventurous timepiece known as the PowerWatch X, allowing it to run on one’s body heat alone. It is starting to sound as though we are entering an era like the Matrix, where …

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Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch

by Edwin


Fancy picking up a smartwatch that also carries a blend of the traditional analog timepiece? Well, if that is your intention, you would definitely have no issues when you lay your eyes upon the Misfit Command Hybrid Smartwatch. This is an advanced timepiece which will merge the iconic design of the old school analog watch while offering the kind of powerful connectivity that only a smartwatch is able to deliver.

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Martian Watches reveals the mVoice G2

by Edwin


The mVoice G2 is not any ordinary smartwatch, but rather, this is the first hybrid smartwatch of its kind that will boast of a smart display alongside traditional watch hands. It would make it quite the novelty, don’t you think so? This is exactly what makes us so enamored with the mVoice G2, where it features a timeless and preserved watch design that offers smart access to the wearer to …

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DKNY Minute is the fashion label’s first smartwatch

by Edwin


Who would have thought that mainstream fashion label DKNY would end up churning out their very own smartwatch for the masses? Yet, this is exactly what happened, and the first smartwatch from them would be known as the DKNY Minute. Now available for interested parties, the asking price of the DKNY Minute stands at $155 and goes upwards from there. This is a representation of the dynamic synthesis of style …

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PowerWatch begins to ship

by Edwin


It has taken less than a year after materials science pioneer Matrix Industries’ crowdfunding effort took off to great success, and now the shipment of its PowerWatch to initial backers has commenced. This highly sought after PowerWatch is touted to be the first device of its kind, in the sense where it is powered by the wearer’s body itself. This is the perfect demonstration of Matrix’s proprietary thermoelectric energy converter, …

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