DKNY Minute is the fashion label’s first smartwatch

dkny-minuteWho would have thought that mainstream fashion label DKNY would end up churning out their very own smartwatch for the masses? Yet, this is exactly what happened, and the first smartwatch from them would be known as the DKNY Minute. Now available for interested parties, the asking price of the DKNY Minute stands at $155 and goes upwards from there. This is a representation of the dynamic synthesis of style and technology, where the latest hybrid smartwatch technology will work in tandem alongside a classic DKNY watch style. Oh yes, it is meant for the ladies only, so the men will have to sit out on the DKNY Minute.

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LunaR is a solar-powered smartwatch

lunar-smartwatchA smartwatch more often than not comes with its very own collection of features apart from simply telling the time. It will, most of the time, be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, alerting you of any incoming messages or phone calls so that you know who is contacting you without having to go through the trouble of taking out your smartphone from your pocket. However, smartwatches have far less battery life compared to their standard issue counterparts, for one simple reason: the processor within, screen time, and other chips require plenty of juice compared to just having a few hands ticking away. Why not harness the power of the sun? This is exactly what the deal is with LunaR, a solar-powered smartwatch that has been launched on Kickstarter.

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Casio announces men’s G-Shock G-Steel line of connected watches

gshock-gsteelThe humble watch used to be a tool to tell the time, but over the years, it has ended up as a fashion statement, one that could even cost more than an entire house if it is studded with jewels and other kinds of precious gems. Well, the watch was said to die a slow death with the introduction of smartwatches, but such a prediction has proven to be otherwise. The luxury line of watches continue to sell well regardless of the economic climate among the well-heeled and famous, while the regular watch maintains its market share as smartwatches struggle to break into the mainstream consciousness and being a “must have” item on everyone’s wrists. Casio forges on with its very first connected watches for men, the G-Shock G-Steel line.

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Acer Leap Ware Smartwatch announced

acer-leap-wareAcer jumps on board the smartwatch bandwagon with their latest release, the Acer Leap Ware. This is clearly an unprecedented venture by the PC-manufacturing company, as they have more or less dealt with desktops, laptops, 2-in-1 hybrid devices, and of course, tablets in recent years. To see them make the move into the smartwatch industry is certainly an interesting one, and the Acer Leap Ware was meant to impress right from the get go by boasting of an array of fitness-tracking sensors which will play nice with the Liquid Life app in order to motivate users to spend more time sweating it out as they adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

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iHome Classic Alarm Clock and Clock Radios deliver wireless charging capability

ihome-solutionsWhen it comes to the traditional alarm clock, not too any homes carry that any more these days. Rather, most of us rely on our smartphones to get the job done. In fact, we might even no longer have a single, proper alarm clock left at home. iHome has come up with its fair share of alarm clock radios in the past, where some models could even change the color accordingly. Well, this time around, there are two more models being made available for the masses — and that would be the all new iHome iBN350 Bluetooth alarm clock which can wirelessly charge Qi compatible devices as well as pair via Bluetooth in a jiffy using NFC. The other model would be the all-new iPLWBT5 clock radio, allowing you to juice up your iPhone and Apple Watch while you sleep, letting both devices tackle your day ahead when you awake.

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Casio G-SHOCK introduces Vintage Gold theme To Master Of G

vintage-gold-master-of-gCasio is a name not to be reckoned with when it comes to two things — the calculator, as well as their range of G-Shock timepieces. Granted, these are not the only two things that the Japanese company is famous for, but this does not mean that they are darn good at the mentioned pair of areas. This time around, we will concentrate on the fact that a couple of new Vintage Gold models will make their debut under the Master of G collection.

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Nixon’s Mission Android Wear smartwatch targets surfers, snowboarders

When it comes to tough-as-nails timepieces, there is only one particular name that many of us look forward to, and that would be none other than that of Casio’s G-Shock range of timepieces. However, it looks like Nixon intends to bring a little bit of rough and tumble into the world of wearable technology through the unveiling of their Mission smartwatch.

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Chromatic – it’s color o’ clock

Chromatic Color Spectrum LED Wall Clock

When we’re looking to see what time it is, we often just check our phones. Of course, our phones are not always constantly on us, so it’s nice to have a fixed point or two around the house that shows the time. We don’t want to have a generic wheel of numbers hanging on our wall though, as that’s what normal people do. We have to show that we’re edgy, nerdy, and interesting, so it only makes sense that we would chuck a bunch of money at a clock that has the same function a $5 version would, but fancier.

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The Chronos will let you convert your favorite watch into a smart one


New fangled gadgets and gizmos are showing up every day, and for some of us, we’re plenty happy with the old stuff we have that still works. Of course we want to have all the extra goodies of activity tracking, notifications, and smartphone whatevers, but when you bought something that was built to last and it lasts, it’s silly to toss it out for something of lesser quality. If you want all the new hotness without tossing out old faithful gadgetry, why not upgrade it?

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Huawei Watch is a stunner

huawei-watchDon’t you love the story of an underdog winning? It surely warms the heart, going to show that Davids of the world still have a chance or shot at glory when they go up against the equivalent of a Goliath in a particular context. Having said that, the smartwatch market is a certainly interesting one, especially when we have already seen our fair share of hardware manufacturers jumping aboard. In fact, it was speculated that Apple might actually sweep all before them with the reveal of the Apple Watch, but that has not happened, giving more than a glimmer of hope to other manufacturers to roll out their own smartwatches. Huawei is one of them, and the Huawei Watch is certainly a thing of beauty.

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