The SpeechTrans Wristband Watch conquers language barriers

When you’re learning a language, it can be difficult to remember all the words and grammatical points. If you’re in a country and trying the immersion method of learning the native tongue, then you likely have a language dictionary on hand. Of course, it can take a while to flip through the pages and find the one or two words that you need to carry on conversation.

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Hotblack is a timepiece that shows off football results as well as the time

I know that some of us are still reeling from the shock of seeing how defending world champions Spain fell to a four goal deficit to Holland, not to mention how Portugal capitulated to Germany in such a manner just yesterday, losing by a similar deficit of goals. Well, World Cup fever is upon us again, and it is nice to see how the passion of the masses are displayed for an entire month, all the way through different ups and downs. Having said that, we have different ways to keep ourselves up to date with the different scores various matches, with the Internet being the primary medium for many, I believe. How about a watch? Well, certainly I must be referring to a smartwatch, but no, the Hotblack timepiece does not work that way.

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Nescafe reveals alarm clock that comes on top of a coffee jar

nescafe-alarm-clockI am quite sure that many of us who drink coffee (tea lovers might probably want to read on and turn green like your favorite blend of matcha at the end of this story) would have had our favorite blends in mind, and for some of us, there is nothing quite like instant coffee during certain moments, such as when you are traveling and need a quick fix. All that is required would be some hot water, a ceramic mug and you’re good to go – cubes of sugar and some milk on the side would make things perfect. Nescafe is one of those brand names that definitely have churned out its fair share of quality instant coffee in the past, and this time around, they have gone on a limb to develop a limited-edition 3D-printed lid with an alarm clock which can only be turned off through the most novel of methods – by opening the coffee jar, of course!

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The Pocket Watch Flip Cell Phone is far fancier than a smartphone

Pocket Watch Phone

In this day and age, having a smartphone seems like a normal occurrence. Flip phones are deemed out of date, but that’s only because there is a new and improved version of a smartphone coming out every other month. Our standard for a phone is high enough to begin with, but just when we think we have the pinnacle of cellular phone innovation, something new surfaces.

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Base Two Binary Clock

Everyone needs a clock of sorts to tell the time, but with the modern day smartphone and tablet being a staple device for most folks we have ended up relying on them to help us tell the time. The watch has become a fashion accessory (and an investment for those who fork out thousands for … Read more

Radiation Detecting Watch

You might be living in a peaceful country, but bear in mind that there is always the threat of nuclear warfare breaking out at any time no thanks to some renegade failed states, insane regimes as well as established nuclear powers who are too jittery. For those who are paranoid androids, being totally afraid of … Read more

Tetris Alarm Clock

“I say, mate, isn’t it time for a game of Tetris?” That would be a great line to say out loud, assuming your living room or office cubicle (during your lunch break, of course, otherwise I am quite sure those productivity-driven bosses and upper levels of management will not be too amused) carries this cute … Read more

Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock

Waking up every morning during the work week can be a chore for some, especially when you do not have the kind of job that you enjoy. Well, there are times when you wish could wake up on time though, and the right alarm clock would definitely go a long way in helping. Enter the … Read more

Weather Station Keychain – Always be Prepared

I know what you’re thinking… If you’ve got your keys in your hand and you’re somewhere outside, it certainly doesn’t take a portable weather station to give you a glimpse into your weather future. But don’t knock it till you hear everything that this handy little gizmo has to offer. This ordinary sized keychain provides … Read more