G-Buzz portable and rugged alarm clock

g-buzzSmartphones these days do seem to be a whole lot hardier than they were in the past, and for good reason, too, especially when you take into consideration how better quality materials have been used in the manufacturing process to deliver that premium look and feel as opposed to shiny plastic that tends to crack or even discolor after a while. Having said that, the world of alarm clocks have not really changed all that much significantly over the years, but there has been improvements made here and there to make the alarm clock more useful – and in some cases, such as with the G-Buzz, tougher.

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Epic Cellular announces new watchphone

epic-miniIt does look as though even watches are getting smarter by the day, judging by the slew of upcoming smartwatches in the market, as well as those that are well on their way. These certainly offer a throwback to the comic Dick Tracy, and the idea of merging a phone with a watch has been around for quite some time already, where even LG has toyed with it a good half a decade ago. Well, we are pleased to bring you word that Epic Cellular will be introducing its new range of groundbreaking watchphones which will, fingers crossed by Epic Cellular, be able to replace one’s day-to-day cellular devices.

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The Death Watch will make sure you keep things in perspective

Death Watch

How the universe as we know it came into existence is a hotly debated topic. One truth that we know for sure, is that we’re all going to die one day. Well, we know our bodies will stop functioning and will slowly return to being part of the Earth. The theories on what happens after that are varied and sometimes insane. However, we know when we’re close to dying that we often stop paying so much attention to the pettier aspects of life, and what really matters comes into focus in a big way. We’ll say things we’ve always wanted to say but didn’t think we could, take more risks, and try to see more of the world.

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Apple Watch revealed

Apple-WatchThe world of smartwatches have certainly grown by leaps and bounds in recent times, and Apple too, did manage to state their intent in this particular department through the unveiling of the new Apple Watch. Sure, Samsung of South Korea has its fair share of wearable technology, smartwatches especially in the vein of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and it does not look as though they are going to quake in their boots anytime soon with the Apple Watch. In fact, the initial reaction has been rather underwhelming, not to mention Tim Cook not saying anything about the Apple Watch’s battery life which has led to speculation that the battery might not even last through the whole day. Still, let us see what there is in store for the Apple Watch underneath the hood, shall we?

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Samsung Gear S ushers a new era of smartwatches

samsung-gear-sSamsung has already seen some smartwatches released in the past, but those have not really set the world alight, turning them into “must have” devices. However, this does not mean that one ought to simply give up just like that, and for a company of Samsung’s size, surely they have more than a one track mind where their products are concerned. This time around, we have seen LG reveal their upcoming LG G Watch R that will be officially announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin, and being LG’s bitter rivals on the consumer electronics front, here would be the Samsung Gear S that sports an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design.

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