Auto Racing Tire Wheel Clock

If you have a strong obsession with racing, this is the clock to keep around. This tiny clock would be great for any Nascar adorned office, which I see fairly often, being in Indiana. It’d also be the perfect gift for car lovers. It is a small clock though, so it would be better suited for a desk, rather than a garage. It even comes complete with a wrench and screwdriver for hands, for those that enjoy fixing the cars as well as being a fan of a certain type of them.

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The Three-Face Wall Clock

Here’s a great way to keep track of the time and keep those around you on their toes.  Instead of having one clock to display the time, you’d have three.  Yes, it would use wall space more properly to just hang one, but this way is far more entertaining.  Besides, with this you get the joys of deciding how exactly to hang them up and in what order.  If you’re feeling particularly anal you could hang them in a row from smallest to largest, or for the eccentric ones you could hang it in this cluster.

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Water Powered Alarm Clock

Have you ever been late because you forgot to set your alarm? Your boss might buy that excuse, but imagine telling him or her this one: “Sorry I’m late, but I forgot to pour water into my alarm clock”.

Yes, it does make sense if you own the Water Powered Alarm Clock. This is one of those eco-friendly gadgets that doesn’t require a battery or power cord. All you need to do is “just add water”.

Apparently, the evaporation creates a constant supply of energy, using an electrochemical reaction between the electrodes and the water. Believe it or not, you only need to fill the Water Powered Alarm Clock once every three months for it to work. Looks like the “I forgot to pour water into my alarm clock” excuse will only work four times a year.

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The Weekend Clock counts down till the weekend

There are few things worse than when you’re just having a long week and you’re praying for the weekend to come even sooner.  Sometimes weeks do fly by and you never even know where it went and the weekend comes plenty soon.  However, if you’re just in one of those jobs that’s driving you insane, those weeks are few and far between.  Well now you can have a way to keep track of exactly how long it is till you’re free, for at least a day or two.

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The Timeless Garden tells the time

I’ve seen a few different types of earth-friendly clocks, but I don’t think any have looked quite as nice as this one.  Between the bright white materials and the soft grass growing out of the top, it’s definitely aesthetically appealing.  Although, it seems as if all concept designs are far prettier than the real products that are actually being sold.  One troublesome thing with this clock is that I’d be paranoid about over watering it, or managing to kill the grass somehow.

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The Film LCD Clock for die hard film fans

There are plenty of people that still prefer film to digital cameras.  They have their reasons and usually they like to knock the ones using digital and the ones using digital like to get their jabs in on them.  Everyone has their opinion and they can’t help but let the world know about it.  Well now here’s a way to display that you’re a film lover and clearly not one of the digital fans.  You wouldn’t want to get mixed up with their kind.

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The Smash Alarm Clock lets you get out morning aggression

Here’s a great way to kick off the morning.  There is no better way to greet the day than to start it with a bit of violence.  No one really likes their alarm clock, for a great deal of reasons really.  First of all it is dragging you out of bed and to top it off, most alarm clocks are just plain annoying.  I know it’s had to occur to you on at least one occasion to pick up the clock and chuck it at the nearest wall or at the very least to pound it into tiny pieces.

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Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

Today must be Advanced Watch Day, because I just finished reporting on a new Cellular Phone Watch from LG. This next watch feels just as advanced, as it comes with a 4GB USB Flash Drive.

This USB drive fits snugly into the case, where no one will look for it. In fact, that is one thing I like about this watch: it doesn’t look like heavily advanced spy watch. No, this watch looks completely innocuous with its fancy exterior.

The USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch has “a plastic case covered by a stainless steel mask with brushed silver finish and convex mineral glass with a shiny raised index”. It may not be a Rolex, but it is fancy enough for James Bond to sport.

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The Vintage Viewfinder Clock recycles old Viewfinders

Viewfinders at one point were about the coolest things we could possibly imagine.  Now, it’s really only cool, because it was a treasured childhood item.  If you were to give a kid this for a Christmas gift now, they’d look at you like your shoulder sprouted another head.  Even if you were feeling sentimental and bought a working Viewfinder for yourself, eventually you’d get bored with it.  At which point it would get shoved in the back of a closet or drawer.  Instead you can show your appreciation for your childhood toy with this cool clock.

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The Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

We all go through those periods when it’s a nightmare trying to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning.  Be it because the bed is far warmer than the room, or you’re having a particularly good dream, either way you still have to make yourself get up.  When you’re desperate to find a way to drag yourself out of bed, you might look into this quirky alarm clock.  It’s sure to keep your mornings interesting.

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