The Water Clock for the extreme minimalist


This clock may be about as minimalist as it gets, but it leaves plenty of room on your part for a bit of creativity.  This clock consists only of two tiny discreet balls, anyone glancing at them would never know what they are.  Actually even after you have them all set up, it may take you a long while to figure out what time it is exactly.  With this around though, you get to choose the china you put these within, giving it your own personalized look.

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The LED Alarm Clock with Electronic Bird


This isn’t the first alarm clock I’ve seen with a bird sitting on top.  It is however, the first one that could possibly be defined as chic and stylish.  The pretty bright white makes it so that although the bird sitting on top is a little whimsical, it would still fit within a home that conforms to most adult standards.  Not only that but you’d have the joy of waking up every morning to the sound of a chirping bird instead of that obnoxious beep.

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The Wind Chime Alarm Clock


Although waking up in the morning isn’t always something to look forward to, you shouldn’t have an alarm clock that makes it worse.  Provided you aren’t hard to wake up, there’s no reason you shouldn’t wake up in a pleasant manner.  As opposed to that obnoxious beeping that always rudely wakes you up.    With this alarm clock you could wake up to the wind chimes instead of a beep.

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The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio


This Darth Vader clock was cool and all, but it’s not nearly as ominous as this new clock that will be coming out soon from Sakara.  Nothing will scare you out of the bed quite as quickly as turning over to find Darth Vader staring back at you.  It helps a bit that there are numbers that glow in his eyes, therefore it’s quite clear that this is a clock.  Hopefully you don’t get startled too badly and bash the clock to death with your toy lightsaber though.

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The Ultimate Alarm Clock rings, shakes and flashes


Sometimes when you’re working too many hours at work it gets harder and harder for you to wake up in the morning.  It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy, but eventually it is possible for your mind to block out that your alarm is going off.  This alarm clock has so many different ways to get you to rise in the morning that you’d be covered no matter how tired you are.  If you’ve noticed one way doesn’t work with the alarm, you can add a function to your morning routine.  It is also entirely possible for you to set it up so that the alarm does all of this silently.

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The Cube Clock gives time at odd angles

It’s not every day that one comes across a clock in the shape of a cube.  Well now you can own one, it even places the hands on the corner of the cube instead of on the face.  Of course you might need to be a little careful not to knock into the hands with them sticking up like that.  That likely makes it so that it’d be better suited for a desk clock as opposed to a bedside clock.  Especially if you’re prone to knocking into things when you’re feeling groggy.

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The Dynamite Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning is rarely exciting or even interesting for that matter.  Well now you can wake up to dynamite every single morning.  It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.  Granted, it might not take away the Monday morning blues, but it might at least on occasion give you enough of a laugh to cope with the morning a little better.  Although being so tall and slim it would be far easier to knock this over or on a particularly grumpy morning, be chucked at the wall.

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Alarm Clock with Coffee and Orange Juice

Some of you might remember about a year ago, when we reported on the Wake n’Bacon, an alarm clock that wakes up the use with the power fresh-cooked bacon. It would appear another designer has found another way to harness the power of breakfast to wake you up.

As you can see from the picture, this particular device uses the power of beverages rather than entrees to give you a “great day in the morning”. So maybe you need the citrus smell of orange juice to get you up, but some of you might require the excess caffeine kick of coffee.

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