The WITness Watch combines old and new technology


Here’s an odd concept design for those of you that can’t stand to carry around a normal watch.  It may look like an extremely modern watch, but it takes a design cue from much older technology.  It’s meant to resemble the very old sun dials.  Something that most people couldn’t read now to save their life, even if some do use them for decorative purposes out in the garden.  For those of you that can’t read a sun dial, you might want to start practicing before you seek something like this out.

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The Sony Dream Machine Spy Camera


There are all different types of products that hide little cameras within them.  Some are as small as keychains and others slightly larger objects like tissue boxes or other random items.  Some of which if inspected very closely at all, someone would notice that something wasn’t quite right.  Well this Sony Dream Machine Camera might actually keep people plenty fooled.  It’s already an electronic, so having a lot of buttons isn’t something that’s out of the ordinary.

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The Memo Clock reminds you of important events


I always appreciate the awesome designs that are completely mind blowing.  However, sometimes it’s nice to show a little appreciation for the simpler designs.  After all, they are the ones you’re more likely to see hitting the stores and making your day to day life a little bit more convenient on a regular basis.  Yes, the over the top designs have their purpose, but so do the everyday ones.  This clock definitely falls under the simpler designs, but it would make things a little easier.  Hang it on the wall and then you can write down quick notes for you or your loved ones.

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The Twilight Watch


Don’t worry, the Twilight Watch isn’t some watch for all the fans of the movie Twilight.  No, this watch is about the actual twilight, you know, like the time of the day or rather night in this case.  It’s an interesting watch that is meant to remind you of the miracle that is the sunrise.  Plus it’s made to be a little extra durable, for those that have the tendency to drop their watch in water or just forget to take it off before jumping into a pool.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoTime alarm clock


Some companies just seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to creating products that might not have the full works when it comes to functionality, but they definitely don’t lack in design, that’s for sure. Among such notable names include Apple and Bang & Olufsen, where the latter is whom we’ll concentrate on today. They’re famous for their range of beautiful home theater and audio devices, although they’ve taken a rather unorthodox route this time round with the new BeoTime alarm clock that is not only stylish but functional (hopefully more so than some of their home theater sets). It works best in homes that already have existing Bang & Olufsen systems in order to maximize its potential, since it is able to masquerade as a control in certain situations apart from helping you get out of bed. Can’t really fault the design as this is the first alarm clock I’ve seen that makes me actually want to wake up so that I can admire its beauty, although that novelty ought to wear out in a couple of days.

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Black and White Clock

black-white-clockLet me start by saying that I was amazed at the many numbers of comments that we had at the Wrist Watch Tattoo. Several of them said that telling time with an ever-changing digital tattoo on the wrist was a pure hoax, but some were believers.

I recently discovered another way of telling time with some ever changing digits, but this is designed for the wall. The Black & White clock features four separate OLED digits, each of them are on individual power.

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iTalk Alarm Clock understands English

iTalk Clock Web PageSure, you can have the MP3 Clock DX if you want a cool alarm clock, but I will have to say that the iTalk from Neutrano is one of the most interesting alarm clocks that I have seen in a while.

After all, how many alarm clocks do you know that allow the user to set the time or alarm with your own voice? Yeah, no more of those stupid buttons that you have to hit simultaneously, and then keep pushing until the right time shows up.

At least, that is what the Press Release tells me. Apparently, the user just says “Hello iTalk”, and tell the digital alarm clock the time. It will understand any voice in English, and you can also ask: “what day is it”? I’m guessing you set that by voice too. The iTalk clock will also understand other commands such as “snooze”.

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The MP3 Clock DX


I still strongly prefer the classic look of this type of clock over the fancy new clocks packed full of LED lights.  However, my alarm has far too many benefits to give it up for a clock that doesn’t even do half of what it can.  Well although this clock features a very classic look, it at least has a little bit of a modern twist.  It won’t work as a dock or double as a radio, but it at the very least can utilize MP3s to wake you up first thing in the morning.

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