Puzzle Alarm Clock uses devilish method

puzzle-alarm-clock.jpgLooks like Coolest Gadgets is going on an alarm clock spree, with the Motivational MP3 Alarm Clock mentioned earlier followed by this Puzzle Alarm Clock that comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee of waking you up. If pouring cold water on your face or sprinkling frozen marbles all over you bed still fails to get you out of bed, perhaps the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be able to help. When the appointed time arrives to open your eyes, the four puzzle pieces connected to the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be fired up in the air – followed by an incessant ringing that will not stop until you manage to find all four pieces and place them back into the clock itself.

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The Analog Digital Watch

This is one minimalistic looking watch, the Dish Digital by Fossil. Instead of having moving hands like regular analogue watches or LCD numbers like their digital equivalents it uses the LCD to display the hands with no numbers in sight, weird. You can have your own for $95 from Amazon, found first on Product Dose.

Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock

Yesterday we reported on the interesting ball alarm clock which to be honest was more novelty than useful, todays alarm clock however actually has a very valid reason for being a bit quirky, introducing the vibrating pillow alarm clock. The vibrating pillow does what you’d expect, it vibrates. So instead of being woken up by … Read more

Novel Alarm Clock

This may look like a pretty ordinary bedside alarm clock but it does have one pretty unique feature. See that metallic sphere on the top, it’s not just there for decoration that ball is actually the radio station selector! You program the stations as you would with a conventional radio but to switch stations instead … Read more

Casio unveils new GPS watch

casio-gpr-100.jpgCasio has taken the step to introduce yet another GPS watch with the GPR-100 which is a radical departure from the very first GPS watch they released some time ago. The new GPR-100 is actually the smallest GPS watch available in the market currently, measuring a diminutive 63.1mm x 49.5mm x 17.1mm. Since it also looks the part of a watch, airport security won’t be hankering after you as a terrorist suspect. The GPR-100 has its sights set on runners since it will be quite some time to get a general-purpose GPS navigation device slapped around your wrist, but it does come with a decent set of GPS features which we’ll take a look at.

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The OV-Watch Fertility Predictor

Watches that just tell the time are so boring, so what extra functionality can you add to your wrist watch to make it that much more useful. You guessed it, a fertility meter. The OV-Watch is a medical device worn on the wrist just like a watch and it tracks fertility with much higher accuracy … Read more

Progression Wake Up Clock

Progression Wake Up Clock
If you find being jolted awake by that incredibly annoying buzzing from alarm clocks does nothing but irritate you, maybe a more peaceful way to wake up could be what you need. The Progression Wake Up Clock uses a few peaceful techniques to gradually wake you up and get a better, more relaxed start to your day.

It works like a standard alarm clock with a digital read out, allowing you to program in the time that you want to wake up. The peaceful awakening begins 30 minutes before your desired wake up time when the clock begins to glow with a subtle light which over the next 30 minutes slowly swells.

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Mirror Block Clock

If you thought the wood block clock was cool but find wood is not modern enough to your liking then this may be more to your taste, the Mirror Block LED clock. It uses the same technology and offers the same features (time and programmable messages) as the Wall Mirror Clock we reported on but … Read more

Timesphere clock

Timesphere clock by Gideon Dagan

I know there are too many clock gadgets on the market already, but this one’s pretty unique.

There’s no pointer, just a gravity-defying red ball that presumably is magnetic and follows a magnetised rotor underneath the dial.

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Digital T-Shirt

If you’re sick of people asking you the time, broadcast it from your chest with the LED Clock T-Shirt. Not much else to say about this really, it takes 4 x AAA batteries (seems some what excessive) and err, well tells the time. The Digital Clock T-shirt found via uberreview.