The Kisai Logo Wood LCD Watch – challenge your perception of time


Doing the same few tasks over and over again can make life exceedingly boring. We see the same scenery, do the same jobs, and get tired of it all. We need a change of pace now and again such as new perspectives and fresh ideas that make us flex our mental muscles. The best way to make you think aside from playing brain games, is making your surroundings challenge the common thought process.

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LG Watch Urbane rolls out this week

lgwatchurbaneNow that the dust has more or less settled over the release of the Apple Watch, are there different kinds of smart timepieces in the market which will be able to provide a decent fight? Probably, especially when you take into consideration that nobody is perfect, and in the case of corporations, that rule applies, too. South Korea’s LG has just announced that the LG Watch Urbane will be made available in its home country first, before it makes its way over to various key markets over in North America, Europe and Asia in the coming weeks.

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Casio delivers their new Ladies Solar Easy Readers timepieces

casio-ladies-watchCasio has just introduced the latest addition to their collection of analog timepieces, which would be a quartet of new Ladies Solar Easy Readers. Also known as the LTPS100 series, it will be a special blend of style alongside ease-of-use, and will boast of solar-powered operation in addition to water resistance of up to 50 meters, so that it delivers additional convenience for the wearer.

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Casio introduces new S Series collection of timepieces

casio-g-shock-s-seriesCasio is proud to bring the second S Series collection that comprises of a trio of distinct new product series, namely Glamorous Gold, Tribal Rose and Botanical Rose. As for this season’s S Series collection, one will find graphic rose prints as well as warm metallics with a color punch. The S Series range will definitely bring the G-Shock brand into the contemporary fashion space where the fashion conscious female consumer is concerned. After all, it does so without looking too large for one’s wrist, all without sacrificing the brilliant technical innovations that is available via the S-Series, although it now extends itself into presenting the timepiece as a sporty fashion accessory.

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Swimmo helps swimmers improve their personal records

swimmoGoing for a swim is always a good exercise to indulge in – especially when you take into consideration how it works out all of you major muscle groups, without having any kind of negative impact on your joints to boot. Well, if you swim for leisure, chances are you are not too hot and bothered about beating your previous lap times, but if you were to crank up the serious notch by a bit, surely a regular sports watch is not going to cut the mustard, taking into account the amount of time that you will be spending in chlorine infested waters. Enter the Swimmo, a smartwatch and personal swimming coach that intends to break down the barriers of current monitoring devices available to swimmers. So much for the regular exercise watch!

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Casio G-SHOCK limited edition HUF timepiece revealed

g-shock-hufThe brand G-Shock should be extremely familiar to just about everyone, even if you do not happen to be one who likes to wear watches. In fact, Casio’s G-Shock timepieces have carved a legendary name for itself over the years, delivering performance that does not wilt under pressure, and is more than capable of brushing off drops to the floor without batting an eyelid. Perhaps you feel that a regular G-Shock timepiece is not going to cut the mustard any more, which is why a limited edition model might be more right up your alley – and Casio does not disappoint with their latest limited edition Casio G-Shock GD400HUF-1 model.

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Casio introduces PRW-3500 timepiece

casio-protrekCasio is a well known watchmaker from the Land of the Rising Sun, and if there were to be a defining timepiece from the Japanese company, I would definitely say that it is the G-Shock range that has captured the imagination of the masses for many years now. However, it must be noted that Casio does not just dabble with G-Shock timepieces, they too, have rolled out watches of varying models and functionalities from time to time. This time around, we see Casio raise the bar with the introduction of the rugged and versatile Casio PRW-3500 watch. Part of the PRO TREK range, the PRW-3500 is the first model from that line to boast of 200-meter water resistance, Casio’s next-generation Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology, and Tough Solar Power, which means this is a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Apple Watch out this April 24th

apple-watchAnd so, the long wait is over, as Apple has just announced the spanking new Apple Watch – which would be the company’s most personal device (other than the iPhone) to date, and yet offers a new level of innovation to the Apple ecosystem. Basically, this timepiece will be made available on April 24 to those who happen to reside in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. The Apple Watch is more than a timepiece, never mind that it is an accurate one, being touted to be an intimate and immediate communication device, not to mention a groundbreaking health and fitness companion.

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