The Smoking Gun smokes but doesn’t cook food

If you’ve become obsessed with giving your food that smoky flavor, you might looking into this Smoking Gun.  It’ll allow for you to smoke a whole lot more than you normally would thanks to some unconventional methods.  Instead of being stuck only smoking foods while you cook them, you can smoke items that you don’t actually want cooked.

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Breville Hot Cup saves on energy

Recently I wrote up a Philips Kettle that promised to save energy and give you a hot cup of water fast.  However, I have to say after looking over the Breville Hot Cup, I like it a whole lot better.  Granted my reasons may seem a little silly, but I imagine it’ll appeal to a great deal of others.  This device boils just as fast, saving you energy, but you don’t have to refill the water quite so often.

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Philips Energy Efficient Kettle

When it comes to cutting back on the amount of energy you use, it’s a game of cutting small corners in every area.  If you boil water for your tea, this Philips Kettle is yet another corner you can cut.  It makes the art of boiling water a whole lot more precise and therefore cutting back on the amount of energy you use while boiling.

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Lolly makes waffles on a stick

Any food that you can put on a stick just becomes ten times better.  Thankfully now instead of just sitting at a table and cutting up your waffles like you do every single time, you can eat your waffles off of a stick.  I’d bet you didn’t think that waffles could get any better, but they just did.  With this odd little waffle iron you’ll be able to eat your waffles in the proper manner.

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Kitchen Scale Wall Clock

This wall clock may appear to be nothing more than a very retro looking wall clock that attempts to mimic the look of a record.  In reality this kitchen clock does double duty.  As well as letting you know the time, this thing also can weigh things while you’re cooking in the kitchen.  That way you have it handy for those particular recipes that give weights instead of cups or numbers of items.

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BioLite Camp Stove cooks and generates electricity

This BioLite was originally created for developing countries, but in addition to those areas this would come in very handy for hardcore campers and hikers.  The main function of this is to function as a very lightweight and efficient little stove.  For that it works excellently, but it also can use all of its leftover heat to power up your gadgets.

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Deni 4100 Musical Cake Tray with LED Slicing Guides


There are few things in this world as awesome as cake.  Well if you’re serious about your cake loving habits, here’s a gadget to go with your cake.  It makes sure that all of your slices are just right.  Not only that, but you get a barely justifiable gadget to clutter up your already stocked full kitchen cabinets.  Which is a nuisance, but you can’t have the cake feeling left out. After all, you have a kitchen gadget for every other task you could possibly think up.

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Brunton’s Flip-N-Drip Coffee Maker for campers


Camping season for most is coming to a close, but if you camp all year round, this is one item you’ll benefit from.  Having a hot cup of coffee when it’s not so warm outside is always a good idea.  Yes, it might make you appear as if you aren’t exactly roughing it, but it’s nice to have at least a couple of things to make camping a little more convenient.  This Brunton Flip-N-Drip isn’t overly large either, it’s only the size of a thermos.

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Bugatti Vera Kettle doesn’t come cheap


I have rituals when it comes to my tea that are so set in stone that it’s dangerous to go mixing them up.  However, the things I do have to make the tea aren’t anything special.  They’re just your average low cost items, they just happen to be ones I like.  As much as I love my tea, I really don’t feel the need to spend a ridiculous amount on it.  However, if you love having the top of the line items, this Bugatti Vera Kettle will help you make your tea in style.

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