Milkmaid Milk Jug – Honey… I just got a Text from the Milk

by Julie

How many times have you woken up in the morning and yawned your way into the kitchen and filled a giant bowl with some Nutty-O’s or Fruity Pebbles, opened the fridge door and saw that you didn’t have enough milk? or worse, that the milk you did have had expired the day before! Begrudgingly you attempted the sniff test and while it seemed a little “off” you tasted it anyway. …

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Ready, Set, Draw…Your Thermometer

by Alison

Overcooking food. There is no better way to kick a nice evening off than burning the steaks or overcooking the potatoes. Think of it, you have friends over, you are trying to be host(ess) and get all the food finalized. Make sure the grill is a certain temp, make sure the water on the stove is hot enough, keep the side dishes warm…but not cooking. It is a challenge to …

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Candy Chemistry Set

by Alison

Few children make it through the grocery store without a “can I have some candy?” I think all parents are sick of facing the question. And sure, you want to reward the kids, but did they do anything to deserve it? Next time you are faced with the dilemma show the kids the Candy Chemistry Set and say “sure, just make your own candy!” The Candy Chemistry Set from …

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Coolest Gadgets Goes Tailgating

by Alison

Football season is here! College kicked off, NFL follows suit this week. And you need to ensure that you are properly prepared for tailgating. So whether in the stadium parking lot  or in your own driveway get your gadget on with these football must haves. You Grill, iGrill®, We All Grill You are dubbed the grill master at this week’s game. Bummer, now you must remain near the grill, keeping …

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Straight from Star Wars Celebration IV

by Alison

Hardcore Star Wars fans mark their calendars for Star Wars Celebration. This year’s event, held last week in Orlando, was not short of new must haves for fans. Our friends at Think Geek showed off some soon-to-be-released products that are definite considerations for die hards. Hop on over to get on the email alert list when the products ship.   Your Cards in Carbonite Business cards express who we are …

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No More Falling Into the Campfire

by Alison

OK, so maybe you haven’t fallen into the campfire. But face it, campfires have their challenges. Collecting wood, getting flames going, stoking it. Yep, it isn’t necessarily what every camping or hiking trip necessarily needs. If you are packing in and trekking 10 miles building a fire for a quick nights stay isn’t exactly the best way to spend your time with nature. Trekmates believes an easier way exists and …

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There’s a Bear in My Drink

by Alison

The task of entertaining children never ends. But even the smallest things can make a difference. Did you ever expect that ice cubes could be entertaining? Gummy bears are one of the most familiar figurines in the food world. And now you can use that famous shape to freeze just about any liquid with the Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray featured at Think Geek for just $9.99. This silicon tray …

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YBUY? Try First.

by Alison

Given the chance, I am sure many of us would try electronics before we buy. Between the lack of touching and feeling via online shopping and stiff return policies of stores – we often have to make a buying decision without full knowledge. Sure, some devices are a no brainer when they are released. But inevitably we make a bad purchase. Imagine if you were able to touch and feel …

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