Deep Frying Portable Grill – You want Fries with That?

It’s official, summer is here. I have to admit I’ve been in the pool already. Yes, it was pretty cold, but it still felt good to shake off the winter and realize that the days of summer sun and outdoor fun are upon us. I’m always looking for new ways to entertain outside and I love to grill, but lately my enthusiasm has dwindled just a bit… there are only so many times I can make my famous ribs and still be excited about them. I needed something different. Well, check out the Deep Frying Portable grill, a real match made in heaven. I mean, was one really meant to deep fry indoors?
This neat looking, fully portable grill AND deep fryer can make all your old standbys, from hot-dogs to honey grilled salmon, but a deep fryer located in the center of the cooking surface holds up to a pint of cooking oil, allowing you to fry up a few servings of onion rings or chicken fingers in no time. All without any smoke or greasy smell in your kitchen.

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Custom Ice Cream – How 'Cool' is That?


I’m sure we are all aware that Fathers Day is looming on the horizon, I’ve started my search for the perfect gift and I may have come up with something a bit better than the requisite tie or cologne that Dad usually gets, its different thats for sure…
How about this year, we design, personalize, and send Dad his very own ice cream, Sorbetto or Gelato? eCreamery is offering just such an opportunity and with 50 deliciously different flavors and around 40 different mix-ins I think it sounds like a perfect solution to the age old problem of just what to get Dad.

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The Fold Flat Grill – Instant Summer Fun

Ah yes, its that time again, the leaves are sprouting on the trees, the daytime temperatures are warm and breezy and any minute it’ll be time to uncover the pool and whip out the barbecue grill. How much of a project your summer set up will be, depends a little bit on the kind of grill you have.
Well here’s a grill that provides instant cookout pleasure anywhere you decide to set it up. This stainless steel grill folds as flat as a pancake, hence the name, the Fold Flat Grill. The Fold Flat is less than an inch thick for unmatched portability when folded and unfolds to a rather surprising 17 3/4″ L x 13″ W x 13″ H, ideal for tailgates, picnics, beaches, or simply at home.

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Sushi Popper – Fresh Fish on a Stick

I am a huge foodie, there is nothing I love more than trying new foods, going to different countries and sampling unusual cuisine. I have tried a tremendous number of really weird things. I have eaten boiled cartilage in Italy, Crickets in Korea, Blood sausages and Kangaroo meat. The point is I would consider myself an adventurous eater, but maybe not adventurous enough.
Check out Sushi Popper, a portable tube of fresh, pre-sliced sushi that is pushed up from the bottom and eaten from the top of your cool Popsicle style tube. YUM! Do away with chopsticks and save millions of trees, the recycled plastic popper will serve your sushi up in style. Made fresh daily using a specialized technique that allows them to be frozen, you simply leave them out for 2 hours before you’re ready to eat them. You’re thinking this is a joke, right? Well I can assure you, it’s not.

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Onion Goggles – Don't Cry for your Dinner


Here at Coolest Gadgets we have reported on camera goggles, night vision goggles and even beer goggles, so today I thought I would introduce you to Onion Goggles, made specifically to help keep the tears away while preparing dinner.
I often wonder who cut up the first onion, had a horrendous tear jerking reaction and decided to eat the darn things anyway, but I guess I’m glad they did.
Your tears are caused by irratating compounds being released when the cells of the onion are damaged by the blade of your knife. The tears that follow are released when your body attempts to dilute the stinging chemical.

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Banana Bunker – Practice Safe Snacking

Do we ever think about the tragedies that we narrowly escape everyday? Do we lie in bed at night and realize what could have been, and say “Thank you” for every unspeakable horror that we somehow avoided. I do, and today I actually know one disaster I was cosmically saved from. My daughter put an unprotected banana in her backpack, with her textbooks, her iPad and her brand new gym sneakers. Gasp!
It was luck that saved me this time, but I wont leave it to chance again, as now I know about… The Banana Bunker! A Company called Cultured Containers developed the Banana Bunker to protect your luscious fruit from smooshing and bruising when carried for lunch or snack, of course if you’ve ever had the misfortune of a squished banana in your purse, backpack or briefcase you already know that the loss of the banana was the least of the problem.

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Spring is Here – Time to Make KettlePizza

We really didn’t have much of a winter this year and daylight savings time is already upon us. It is this time of the year that my thoughts turn to spring and summer. Time spent outdoors, playing golf, basking in the sun and cooking outdoors. I’m always looking for new ways to diversify my barbecue options… one can only eat hot dogs and hamburgers for so long.
Welcome the KettlePizza, this is a stainless steel sleeve designed to make your Weber, or most other kettle style grills into an ideal cooking chamber for making mouthwatering pizzas. The sleeve is sandwiched between the lid and the base of your existing kettle grill and allows cooking at temperatures of over 750 degrees F. Using both charcoal and some hardwood for flavor, you will have real wood-fired pizza oven taste, right in your own backyard.

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Move over Spork – Meet the Knork

I have to say I have never really been impressed with the Spork, you remember, that spoon/fork hybrid that was ever so popular at fast food restaurants for a while. They usually came in a bag with flimsy little napkin and some salt and pepper packs. I always ended up using mine as a spoon, the tines on the “fork” never really had enough strength to stab anything. A decent enough idea, just bad execution.
Well, now we get to welcome the Knork, available not only as disposible cutlery, the Knork also comes in stainless steel and is ergonomically designed for the way we eat, the Knork combines the necessity of a fork, with the cutting edge of a knife all in one handy utensil. The gently beveled edge allows you to easily cut your food (with your already perfected rocking maneuver) with much less time and effort than ever before.

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CLEANCut Paper Towel Dispenser – Goes to any Length

Paper towels, the forgotten kitchen essential, I always leave my paper towels right on the counter. There are always folks who take their paper towels a bit more seriously and feel the need to mount a towel holder to the wall or under their cabinets. This next item takes the paper towel to a whole new level and makes the mundane task of paper towel dispensing high tech.
Welcome the CLEANCut touchless paper towel dispenser. Unlike similar automatic dispensers, the CLEANCut instantly reacts to you breaking a beam of LED light. You begin dispensing by breaking the beam and decide when its time to “cut to size” by breaking the beam on the opposite side. There is no need to wait, no need to touch anything with your dirty little hands,  CLEANCut sensors will instantly slice and deliver your towel.

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Say Good-Morning with Nostalgia Electrics Toaster with a Flip Down Griddle

I wake up every morning at 6 am and while the rest of the house is still fast asleep I have a quiet bowl of cereal while I ponder my day, Sure I’d like a more substantial breakfast sometimes, but I don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen and I don’t want to spend too much time rattling around, I especially don’t want to wake them up and ruin my quiet time.
Well, now enjoying a hearty breakfast is easy! Nostalgia Electrics (the folks that bring us many kitchy cooking items) introduce us to the 50’s Breakfast Toaster & Griddle. This bread and bagel toaster features a wide 2-slot toaster and, wait for it.. a flip down griddle all in one cute and compact appliance. It’s perfect for a dorm room or small apartment (Although I’m leaning towards keeping it on my desk at work) and the non-stick griddle heats up to 450 ° and features a removable grill plate and drip tray for easy cleaning.

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