Coolest Gadgets Goes Tailgating

Football season is here! College kicked off, NFL follows suit this week. And you need to ensure that you are properly prepared for tailgating. So whether in the stadium parking lot  or in your own driveway get your gadget on with these football must haves.

You Grill, iGrill®, We All Grill

You are dubbed the grill master at this week’s game. Bummer, now you must remain near the grill, keeping a constant eye on the burgers and dogs. Sort of ruins the afternoon. Why let it interfere with playing touch football or chatting up that cute blonde? Let iGrill be your sous chef.
iGrill by iDevice, provides a dual probe, easy to read thermometer. This durable tailgate must can be used as a stand-alone device. But if that isn’t enough then download the iGrill app from the iTunes store. Using Bluetooth the iGrill can then communicate with your app and clue you in when your meat is ready. With a 200 foot range there is plenty of room to escape the grill but not overcook the protein. Alert yourself when a temperature or time is reached. The app includes multiple views to cover each probe, and even recipes. Via Amazon, the $79.95 investment seems small in comparison to the amount of meat you could burn without this gauge.

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No More Falling Into the Campfire

OK, so maybe you haven’t fallen into the campfire. But face it, campfires have their challenges. Collecting wood, getting flames going, stoking it. Yep, it isn’t necessarily what every camping or hiking trip necessarily needs. If you are packing in and trekking 10 miles building a fire for a quick nights stay isn’t exactly the best way to spend your time with nature. Trekmates believes an easier way exists and has revolutionized outdoor cooking.

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Mango Looft – Baby Light my Fire

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Summer is here and I can smell the steak sizzling on the grill. Of course first, I had to smell the aroma of lighter fluid in the air, and feel that brief second of fear as squirt a little extra accelerant on the fire in order to get it going faster… pushing the vision of fire traveling up the stream and lighting my hands on fire, out of my mind, I persevere and I am ready to grill.
Well,I haven’t tried it, but the Mango Looft may be just the thing for a carefree summer barbecue season. This nifty little electronic fire starting gun allows you to light your fire (wood or charcoal) in 60 seconds or less, with no lighter fluid required.

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Let's Pizza Vending machine – Fresh? Pizza Pronto

We’ve covered the Pizza Vending machine here at Coolest-Gadgets before, and I thinks its safe to say that we agreed, if the pizza was any good at all, it could be a hit. Well, I guess people liked the concept, (and the pizza too) as the Let’s Pizza vending machines are about to take on the USA!
Expecting an obviously frozen pie, I was shocked to learn that Let’s Pizza acually vends an authentic Italian pie from SCRATCH in all of about two and a half minutes, complete with the necessary pizza cutter and napkins. The Machines, created by Italian Claudio Torghel, were first made  in Europe around 3 three years ago and they have been working their way West, ever since.

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