Fold up your BBQ and take it anywhere

Folding Grill

I hate admitting this, but I’m a horrible cook. I generally stick to things that involve either a microwave or boiling water. Sometimes I’ll actually use the oven, but only if it’s something simple. Needless to say I don’t do any grilling, and wouldn’t carry around a portable grill if I could. However, if you’re the kind of person that lives to grill and grills to live, check out this cool folding BBQ.

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Measure more accurately with the Scale Spoon

Spoon Scale

I don’t do a lot of cooking in the kitchen, mostly because I don’t have the patience and I’m just too picky of an eater. Most of the things I like can be made by using the microwave or boiling water, so I stick to what I like. However, if you do enjoy the culinary arts, you might be interested in this handy little measuring device.

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Flat toaster makes for dangerous mornings

Flat Toaster

I’m not a morning person. I never have been, and I doubt that I ever really will. I’m the kind of guy that gets up, showers, dresses and still looks and acts like a zombie. The last thing I need in the morning is some way to make my routine more dangerous, because lets face it, I’m clumsy enough when I’m not groggy. Needless to say, this toaster won’t be making its way into my kitchen any time soon.

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Steak Toaster = Greatest Thing EVER

steakhouse-grill-ariete.jpgWho doesn’t love steak? “Vegetarians,” you might say – but for the purposes of this review, everyone loves steak! Now I genuinely love a nice steak, cooked to medium to medium rare on a grill with some sauteed mushrooms and onions on the side, steamed vegetables and a nice baked potato. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

But what if it’s too cold to grill outside? What do you do then?

Some visionary looked at a steak and thought “wow…I could totally toast that sucker!”. Thus the Steak Toaster (a.k.a. the SteakHouse Grill) was born. From the product’s website:

New electric grill that takes true grilling to the table. With SteakHouse Grill, food products cook without coming into contact with their fats as is true with traditional grilling. It leaves behind neither smoke nor smells in the kitchen. In fact, its vertical position ensures that the fats drain into the special tray. Not only is the food lighter and tastier, but this also prevents the formation of annoying smoke as the fats stay far away from the heating elements. It is kept in a vertical position while cooking by the special internal grill equipped with springs that adapt to foods having different thicknesses, from 3 cm down to half a centimeter. The two vertical plates also guarantee cooking is completed in half the time because the foods cook on both sides at the same time, and without having to turn them over.

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Prepara Herb-Savor Keeps Your Herbs Fresh For Weeks

pr450_pip.jpgI really enjoy cooking. I’m a sucker for any cooking show on the Food Network and I buy all the nifty gadgets, knives, tools they use. I even try to emulate the techniques and products that they flaunt across my television screen. “Use lots of fresh herbs!” they exclaim while they eschew any form of dried herbs as the most disgusting thing in the world. Unlike these chefs on television, I don’t go to the store (or the farmers market like they say I should) every day nor do I have bucket loads of cash lying around to pay the premium price for these herbs because they only last a few days in the fridge.

What’s a budding chef to do?

Well, you can pick up the Prepara Herb-Savor from The Sharper Image. This compact and ingenious storage device prolongs the life of your fresh herbs for up to three weeks by keeping the cut stems in water and its cover isolates your herbs from the rest of the items in your fridge. It has ample capacity but still easily fits inside a standard refrigerator door. The removable stainless steel basket keeps herbs neatly gathered together, and allows for easy washing.

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George Foreman USB iGrill – Desktop Grilling At Its Finest

igrill.jpgI have a George Foreman Grill – wait, I take that back, I have a couple of George Foreman Grills. They’re great for cooking hamburgers, turkey burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, bratwursts and just about anything else that you could think to cook on a grill – you can cook on the George Foreman “Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine”. There’s ones with removable plates, ones with bun warmers, and all sorts of different sizes and shapes. But the only thing that was the same was that they all required to be plugged into the wall socket to work.

Well, until now.

The awesomeness that is ThinkGeek offers the George Foreman USB iGrill. This desktop grill is powered by one single USB 2.0 port.

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Knife Block for Knife Sadists or Circus Fans

throwzini.jpgThere are knife connoisseurs and there are people who love the circus. Back in the early days of the circus, there were the knife throwers who thrilled audiences with their skills of accuracy and daring. In 1938, the infamous Wheel of Death was introduced and a moving, spinning target upped the dramatic tension of the audience. Nowadays, knife throwers aren’t as prevalent, but everyone owns knives and everyone knows that you need to store your knives in knife blocks. They are important to keeping your fine cutlery in tip top shape.

The gadget-loving people over at UrbanTrend feature the Throwzini’s Knife Block, which causes no apparent harm to the hapless red dude strapped to it.

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Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack is totally digital

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack

I can’t help but think why everything is going digital or electronic these days, and I would think of one item that would not need it: the spice rack.

Not so with the Kamenstein Smart Spice Rack. It comes with a revolving rack that can hold about 16 premium spices which are included. Also included is a small handheld electronic device full of recipes which you can detach and take with you shopping.

The device can also be used as a timer which will really come in handy when you are cooking. Included in the database are 200 recipes, ready to make. It has them with both metric and non-metric units. You have to admit, it is one nice rack. Yes, I did just say that.

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Handyman Gift Guide

The definition of handyman can be seen as “a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks” – something rare to exist nowadays. Right ladies?

Anyhow, the following 10 gadgets are suited for the almost-in-extinction handyman, from cookers to campers, and GPS lovers, we’ve got it all here.

The products are ordered by price, not by usefulness or multi-functionality.


Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

This Garmin GPS System is made for the handyman that likes the marine life, aka driving boats. It doesn’t have much internal memory, only 8MB that are suppose to be used when adding more data from the MapSource CDs.

Other features include 500 waypoints + maps of rivers, lakes, worldwide cities, and more + computer that shows info about trip distance, average speed, and a timer.

Price: $160
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Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

If this Black & Decker existed 50 years ago, I bet it would be a hit for sure.

The Black & Decker Aligator Electronic Chain Saw has a 4.5 Amp motor, and a 4-inch cut limit. You can use it to cut small (or big) pieces of wood to use on your fireplace, unlike what happens while using a manual chain saw, you won’t get tired.

Take a big bite out of fallen trees, tree limbs and brush with the Alligator Lopper, a revolutionary new cutting tool that provides chainsaw-like cutting performance in an un-intimidating and easy to use tool. With its scissor-like action, the Alligator Lopper’s rugged metal jaws clamp onto logs and thick branches, as well as smaller tree limbs and vines and then saws through them with ease.

Price: $99
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