Coleman Party Grill – Good Times, to Go

With the summer weather upon us everyone’s all jazzed up to get outside, the kids are ready for hikes in the woods, days at the lake and they’re looking for a picnic every single day. We used to carry around a little old charcoal grill for a few hot dogs and hamburgers on the go, but it was messy, and getting the coals put out so the thing could be cleaned and put away was, at the very least, inconvenient.

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SolSource cooks your food with the sun’s rays

It’s summer, and one of the biggest holidays of the season is tomorrow. Now when it’s warm out and you have a group of people together, one of the first things that comes to mind is a cookout. People are always finding reasons to drag out the grill and cook up some meat and veggies. This genearlly means using charcoal, or some other type of fuel. However, what if you could harness the heat from the sun that’s beating down on your head, and prepare your meal that way? Soon you will be able to do just that.

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The Kitchen Safe locks down your cravings

Have you ever tried limiting your sweets intake? It can be hard to do on a good day, but when someone bakes a fresh batch of cookies, you’re going to find yourself back in the kitchen every few minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way that you could force yourself to wait a specific amount of time before eating the next one? Sure, you should be able to control your urges, but sometimes you need that extra help. Well that’s where the Kitchen Safe comes in.

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Hamilton Beach’s New “Mc” Breakfast Maker


There are a few things in my life that are a given, if there is chocolate in front of me, I will eat it, no exercise of any kind is fun, and anything that happens before 10 in the morning probably isn’t worth having to set the alarm for. However, I have a 10 year old that still requires a good breakfast and a ride to school at *gasp*  six-thirty in the morning! Now while I’ve gotten pretty good at driving in my sleep, making breakfast? Not so much.

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A Smarter Skewer

Skewers give a great way to feed just about any crowd. Prep your proteins and veggies and let your guests load up their own creations. Everyone gets fat and happy so to speak. Do you ever look at the grill after such an undertaking? Inevitably some food gets sacrificed to the grill. A lopsided zucchini slice does not hold on or a cube of beef just gives way. There is only so much a skewer can take after all. Which provides a perfect reason to invest in a set of Grill Comb Skewers for $14.95 on

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Silicone to Save the Chef’s Day

I just learned some quick facts about silicone. It withstands heat of up to 500°. It is virtually resistant to oxygen, ozone and UV light. It can be created to conduct electricity. Microbes cannot grow on silicone. Thanks Wikipedia. After understanding factoids like that I get why silicone has become a go-to product for kitchen tools. We found a few on that make all the sense in the world.

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Rawr…3D Cookies


Baking cookies takes me back to childhood. I don’t think I know anyone who does not enjoy rolling out the dough, cutting out the shapes and decorating them. Sprinkles, silver balls, mini-chocolate chips, colored frosting all help top off the final product. Mmmmm. Or if you are like me you don’t wait for the final product and enjoy eating some of the raw dough along the way. One thing is for certain, we all become kids again when cookie making begins.

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Spin Your Food to Maximize Flavor

Whenever I take time to marinate meat or vegetables I am surprised at the flavor that pops in my mouth. Chicken with Italian herbs works well, especially in summer. BBQ on anything gets better with more marinating time. And a balsamic & garlic combo yields nice flavors for grill veggies. There are plenty of recipes out there to help improve the flavor of meats and produce. Yet why is it that we often don’t think about it until an hour before dinner? If you are the chef in the house I am willing to bet you have arrived home some nights, wanting to cook but not having proper time to marinate.  And unfortunately a chef’s ideas are only as good as their execution.

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Pluck that Yolk

As I have stated before on CG I am a kitchen gadget freak! Look in my kitchen and you will find 4 cheese graters (each suited for different cheeses), 20+ cooking knives (each for different uses), plastic containers in a variety of sized (never know what you have to hold!), half dozen frying pans. You get the point. No, there is not a need for all of it. But it sure is fun! Whenever I see a new device I jump on it. And this is no exception.

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