Future LEGO Clock?

by Alison

If you are a frequent visitor to CG odds are that you have tinkered with something in your life. Maybe you tried to make your mom’s frying pan into a flying saucer. Or maybe you created a robot that would take your clothes to the hamper. Not all of the tinkering succeeds. But our minds keep trying!

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Hot Water: Key to Recycling Electronic Components?

by Alison

Our love for gadgets means one thing in life: gadget waste will continue to grow. As new generations of laptops, tablets, phones, PCs and the like appear on the scene one has to wonder where the old ones go. Sure, some can be recycled, but there is certainly cost involved. Realistically much of what goes into a circuit board cannot be reused unless completely taken apart – which is challenging. …

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New Microsoft Patent – The Future of Xbox Gaming?

by Julie

Sure I remember my first Pong game, but I think the stand out for my kid will be the Xbox Kinect. She was enthralled with the whole immersive aspects of it and it was fun for a few days, but as I get to reading some of the recently filed patent information on what is purported to be the next big thing in gaming, I have got to admit there …

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See Through Technology – Real X-Ray Vision!

by Julie

In one of our cars we have that annoying little back-up beeper, you know the one, it senses if anything is behind your car and emits a faster and faster beep tone the closer you get to running whatever it is over. The other car has a backup camera, much less annoying, and it has in fact, prevented me from running over my father in the driveway more than once. …

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Find Heat and Charge

by Alison

Concept alert, concept alert. But oh boy, does this make sense. Stoves, radiators, portable heaters – the list of heat generating devices in our lives goes on and on. And our lives have gone portable with phones, tablets, laptops and the like. Devices have existed to charge electronics via heat sources, but never with the portability aspect.

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Paparazzo: iPhone Flash-tastic for both Pics and Video

by Julie

The iPhone is far from perfect, but I have to admit its a pretty handy tool. I remember not so long ago that I often missed out on pictures or video of a whole host of things, from my daughters first steps, to an amazing bar fight and what to this day, I swear was an alien abduction. I simply didnt have a camera with me. Now that I have …

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Master Your Body Language

by Alison

Body language is powerful. It is the most impactful part of interpersonal communications and can be the ultimate way to make or break a situation. The impact of good versus bad body language can be the difference between getting the job or date (or not getting them) or even as extreme as impacting our self-confidence. Mirroring the posture of those we interact with becomes the best method for success in …

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OUYA – Thinking way Inside the Box

by Julie

I probably shouldnt admit it, but I clearly remember our very first video game console. The Magnavox Odyssey. My parents brought it home, and I was mesmerized as it was hooked up to the TV, so many games choices (both Pong and Hockey) and I was able to sit in front of it for hours, with anyone willing to play. It was the beginning of my love affair with technology. …

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