Babel Fisk: Read what you are hearing

by Mark R

There have been many advancements in speech-to-text in the last few years. I’m sure that I’ll probably speaking these posts instead of typing them in the next few years, provided I’m not disturbing others in the room. I’m sure that the hearing impaired would most benefit from speech to text technology, and this is what the Babel Fisk is supposed to do. Designed by Mads Hindhede, the Babel Fisk has …

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Pure System sanitizes kitchen items

by Ally

Every so often you come across something online that just sets off a few red flags.  You’re constantly having small facts thrown at you in articles and through random research that you do online to settle silly debates.  Yet every so often, you get that inkling of a hint that something seems fishy.  Although I’m all about this concept design, I really doubt parts of their facts.  Either way though, …

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Heated Dining Room Table

by Ally

It never fails, no matter where I go I am always the one that’s frozen.  Everyone else could be almost sweating and I’m resisting the urge to shiver.   If you’re also cold natured, then this is definitely the table for you.  This Japanese design will keep you warm while you sit in that drafty dining room.  Of course if you’re the only one cold, you’re going to end up roasting …

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Sink And Urinal In One

by Ally

At first I wasn’t the most thrilled over the idea of someone peeing and washing your hands in the same place.  Honestly, once you really think it through although it is odd, it would save on space and spending money on multiple fixtures in bathrooms.  Plus, it couldn’t be much more unsanitary than washing your hands right next to the toilet, which is the case in most bathrooms.

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NTT’s “t-room” is almost like being there

by Mark R

I realize that this picture looks like two ordinary people shaking hands, but what is actually going on is far more technical and far more complex. This photo comes from my Source, who was at NTT’s Showroom at Tokyo and got a chance to try out the “t-room”. Yes, that is what they call it, and is actually is very similar to sitting down for tea. Here is a brief …

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Babyoom adapts as your baby grows

by Ally

Buying items for babies is not only expensive, but in some ways feels absolutely pointless.  It’s great for the baby while it’s an infant, but they only stay that small for a very brief amount of time.  Then you’re stuck shopping for toddler accessories and after that it’s the preschool stage.  It would be far nicer if that small fortune you spent in the beginning actually lasted a little while.  …

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Arctic Drifter keeps on rolling

by Mark R

This is the Arctic Drifter, it is a very different mobile research station. Instead of being some sort of RV thing with wheels or tank treads, the whole thing is one big ball! As you can see from this image, this ball-shaped room has some weird cushions on the outside so it blows up like a giant volleyball. Apparently this is made so it can roll around by Arctic winds, …

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Outlet shows a little love for USB gadgets

by Ally

The more you use gadgets that require a USB port to receive a charge, the more it’s probably going to die before you can get to a computer.  I’ve become more and more reliant on my iPod and now that I switched to a radio without a dock in my kitchen, my iPod is constantly dead.  I’m really starting to consider making it possible for my outlets to be able …

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