Golf Ball Launcher

Is that a man shooting birds, nope it’s a bloke with a decidedly dodgy mullet playing golf with the golf ball launcher. Designed for people that have mobility issues or who are just crap at golf is the golf ball launcher is capable of firing balls from 25 yards to over 300 . Instead of … Read more

BMW Inflatable Bubble Tent

Could this be the way BMW drivers go camping in the future (actually have BMW drivers even heard of camping), the BMW inflatable bubble tent. The unique item attaches to the back end of the car, allowing campers to make use of the inside of the car, and is inflated is by a low-voltage fan … Read more

Peugeot, any way you pronounce it, you’ll be close!

Yes, Peugeot’s yearly design contest for aspiring transportation designers is upon us.Puegeot Flux Mihai Panaitescu, Italie

The top thirty are there for us to revel in, in all their glory. Here are the top 10, and here are the 20 behind them.

This year’s well caffeinated young designers will have spent this semester (and possibly longer) sketching their brains out to Peugeot’s theme of PLEASE Innovate, with the word PLEASE forming a clever acronym of: Pleasurable (to drive), Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, and Ecological.

Apparently this meant to the students, crazy shapes that have nothing to do with going fast, and inserting imagined eecological nuace. Arrgh!

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USB Keyholder

As USB keyfobs get more popular maybe this conceptual keyholder will become reality. Designed by Gerry Stuart (a site I found impossible to navigate) found on Design Spotter.