Custom toast printing

Last year we reported on the breakfast art toaster, well things have moved on a bit since, we now have the CNC toaster which when connected to a computer you can print your own designs. The CNC toaster works a bit like an inkjet printer, but instead of feeding it paper you feed it sandwiches … Read more

A Video Dress that Combines Fashion and Technology

Video Dress

The Turkish designer Hussein Cahalayan sure knows how to impress his audience. After showing clothes that changed shapes using microcontrollers, switches and motors in Paris, he created a video dress that’s even more striking, showing a time lapse of a rose opening and closing up, in a spectacular display of colours and light, created from 15.000 LEDs that are embedded in the fabric.

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Cellphones to smell in the future?


Motorola has recently received a patent for a handset which is capable of releasing scents by heating a gel packet, operating on the same principle as that of a plug-in air freshener. The handset comes with a power amplifier that can activate this feature without having the cellphone suffer from dramatic design changes. This is essential since Motorola has long moved on from unwieldy cellphones to their current slick and slim handsets which are the company’s main source of revenue.

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Cool Conceptual Toaster

Designed by Atil Kizilbayir this is one of the coolest toasters I’ve ever seen. The toaster is designed to work like a heated tunnel, you put plain bread into the toasting carriage at one end, the ‘x’ seconds later the carriage pops out the other end with nicely tanned toast. If this conceptual toaster ever … Read more

The Amazing Flying Dutch Car


If you hate being stuck in traffic jams, don’t worry, because the new flying car PAL-V is on it way. This Dutch project is a hybrid 3-wheel vehicle that can fly as a gyrocopter and also be driven as a regular car, or to be more precise, like a motorcycle.

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Gotta Go Briefcase for those in a spot


The Gotta Go Briefcase is certainly a brilliant invention for road warriors who constantly live out of a suitcase. Their lifestyle requires them to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice – pretty much like a nomad of yore. This briefcase might not contain a single piece of clothing, but what it does do is bring relief during the most constipated times in your traveling life. Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or during those long commutes, where you’re even willing to sell your own mother just to take a crap in the john? Assuming the Gotta Go Briefcase concept takes off, that will be a thing of the past, as this fully functioning briefcase doubles up as a portable lavatory.

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New Chinese Concept Phones Revealed in CeBIT 2007

Huawei Concept Phone1

The Chinese mobile telephone company Huawei presented in CeBIT 2007 these cool concepts for new cell phones that may or may not be produced in the near future. The most interesting one is a mobile phone with an integrated USB connector that can be used without the need of an adapter or even a cable. The USB adapter is made with a flexible rubber that can be bent in any angle you need to connect it directly to your computer for transmitting data and charging your phone.

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Digital Hour Glass Watch

This is a cool looking idea, the sand + time watch, an egg timer for your wrist. The watch would function in two ways, the first as a conventional watch displaying the time (hours at the top, minutes at the bottom) but in the more interesting other mode the display will take on the form … Read more