Painting Robots? Oh my!

waspsmI’m sure we have all heard stereotypical comment by those viewing modern art paintings: “My kid can paint that”. Well, we might be entering a new age where people will be saying: “my robot can paint that”.

In fact, graduate student Oscar G. Torres is trying to figure out a way to make a robot paint with Jackoon. Jackoon is a robot that is connected to a camera that allows it to “see” what it is painting.

In other words, the Jackoon isn’t just randomly splattering paint, it “knows” what it is doing, in theory. Now, does this make paint better than abstract expressionist artists like Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning (who serve as namesake of the Jackoon)? Well, take a look at the picture here and judge for yourself. While you are at it, you might want to see the robo-artist at work in this video after the jump.

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Electrolux Dishwasher uses Wind and UV Rays to Clean

windwasher2-thumb-468x468-17717I don’t have a dishwasher in my house, other than my wife and myself, of course. Many people complain that dishwashers waste too much water between cycles, but there isn’t a better to way to wash them other than spraying them with gallons of scalding hot water.

It would appear that there is another way to clean dishes with this concept device known as the Electrolux Wind Washer. It does this by using air and UV rays for cleaning.

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Cluster bomb technology used for seed planting


Anti War activists hate cluster bombs – mostly because they can be used to deploy anti personnel mines which don’t get picked up long after the last bullet has been fired. And when they go off, even children are victims. But can the technology be harnessed for more constructive and green purposes? Designer Hwang Jin Wook seems to think so and as such, he came up with the “Seedbomb.”

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The Ylight for convenient tire changing


Anyone who has ever managed to get a flat tire on a dark road knows the joys of fumbling in the dark.  Even if you happen to have a flashlight handy, it’s still difficult to position.  Plus it’s hard to remember to change out batteries to something that stays out in your car.  Instead you could go with this 3 point light that not only gives multi-directional lighting, but also makes it so there are no worries about dealing with silly batteries.

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Slimo: Transport of the Future?

slimo-by-sung-uk-kim-thumb-550x309-174551My source for this article titled his article “If Apple ruled the world, we’d all ride in these ‘Slimos’”. All I could think of when I saw that title was: “you mean Apple doesn’t rule the world?”

How else can you explain one billion app downloads for iPhones? Or the millions who owe millions to iTunes? Apple may never win that “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” war, but most would give about one hundred percent of anything for just ten percent of Apple.

But back to the subject at hand: the Slimos. What are these things? The first time I saw it, I thought it was the mode of transportation for the next attraction at Disneyland.

Well, they are a mode of transportation, but so much more. Think of them as a mobile cubicle, complete with built-in computer. Once these guys get connected together like a train, you have a very interesting way to carpool! However, you can’t expect these things to go that fast, right?

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Envirobank Gives you Money for Recyclables

envirobank1-300x273This next product is for those who are truly “greening their routine”. I myself usually take a trip to the recycling plant once per week. Sadly, this has nothing to do with my love for Mother Earth. It just so happens that I can save a lot of money on my garbage bill.

Envirobank has figured out a way that consumers can deposit their recyclables in a conveniently located machine, and give them a cash reward for their ecologically sound actions. These machines have been called “reverse vending machines” as users give aluminum cans to the machine, and it gives them money right back.

In addition to aluminum cans, these machines accept PET, HDPE, and PVC recyclable materials as well as brown, clear, and green glass. My sources say that some of these machines can hold up to 3,000 containers.

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New GE Breakthrough: 100 DVDs on 1 Disc!

bd-dvd-hybridOkay, here’s a quick question: how many DVDs do you own? If you have less than 100, then there is now a way to put them all onto one disc.

It would appear that General Electric is the one who is responsible for this technological breakthrough. The company who has been “bringing good things to life” have used holograms to make this good thing a reality.

This could eventually lead to micro-holographic players that could play CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and these cool holographic discs. These discs could hold 500 GB of memory, and it is possible to produce these holographic discs at 10 cents per gigabyte. That is a lot cheaper than the $1 a gigabyte for a 25 gigabyte disc.

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Scarpar Motorized Skateboard

scarpar-powerboard-13Dude, you’ve got to check this out!

Sorry for that intro, but I thought this next gadget might appeal to the “extreme sports” crowd. I realize that I don’t do a good job imitating the way they speak, but no matter who you are, you might want to try the Scarpar.

The Scarpar is a motorized skateboard that sets the skater free from the sidewalk and downhill grooves, allowing them to go truly off-road. Not only is the Scarpar capable of going on mud, grass, sand, and snow, but it can travel at 60 km an hour, provided you’re downhill on a forest trail.

The 60 km/hour version is 4-stroke petrol powered, while a 35 km/hour version is all electrical. You can watch the YouTube video of this guy after the jump if you want to see it in action.

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The Ora ILegale Clock adjusts for daylight savings by tipping


Daylight savings time is a touchy subject for me.  I didn’t have to put up with it till only a couple years ago, because my state was still holding out.  I liked it that way, I didn’t have to deal with any of this clock changing nonsense.  Unfortunately, my main computer freaks out every single time the time change happens, otherwise my technology would just update itself.  So at least there’s that, unfortunately, normal clocks don’t really update themselves.  You have to change the time manually, which is just a nuisance.  Well with this clock it’ll be a whole lot easier.

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Human Washing Machine

hmnbth2986034-thumb-500x377-16271This next machine is a real sign of the times. It is a washing machine that is designed to wash you instead of your laundry.

This human washing machine, known as the Avant Santelubain 999 allows the user to lie down and let the machine spray him or her with soap and water, along with infrared light for steam heat. It will even use aromatherapy and sound, then has an option of a seaweed wrap.

Say what? I’m not really certain how that seaweed wrap part works, but I have heard that the Human Washing Machine will sterilize itself after a wash is completed.

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