Flash Purse

96049-anti-paparazziThanks to tabloids, we know more than we really should about celebrities. I mean, do I really need to know that Hugh Jackman is in Hawaii? If I went to some tropical place, the only ones who would see fit to report about it is me.

I’m sure it is harder to be a celebrity than the tabloids make it look. You’ve seen the video footage with the barrage of flashing cameras by the paparazzi. For those celebrities who are sick of all the flashing, they can now flash back! I’m not talking about Britney Spears when she forgot her underwear.

The Flash Purse is a concept gadget that works by sensing the activation of other flashes. I’m not certain how it does that, but somehow the device senses the flashes and gives its own flash. So when the paparazzi guy goes to get his pictures developed, all he will see is one large spot where his subject’s face will be. So much for his million dollar paycheck.

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Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

tent-night_jpg_autothumb_w-550_scaleThe Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent definitely qualifies as Coolest Gadgets material, as it has more gadgets on it than MacGyver’s knife. The U.K. company Orange has called the Glastonbury as “the tent of the future”, but this is one that I want to take “out on the rough” right now.

The tent has photovoltaic fabric, specially coated solar threads woven into the fabric. It can capture the rays of the sun and use them for some juice later. Yes, you don’t worry about your GPS or mobile phone going dead on your next camping trip. Not only that, the tent has a wireless control hub that keeps track of the energy generated and consumed. This hub has an LCD screen and even has a wireless Internet signal.

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Supermarket Parking Lot makes its own power

parkinglotgenerator-thumb-468x281-19418At Coolest Gadgets, we love to report on new ways to make energy from methods where energy goes to waste. About a year ago, it was the Revolution Door, a revolving door that is connected to a turbine, harnessing the energy for when people walk through the door.

Here is a another gem of an idea when it comes to energy conservation: a power-generating parking lot. It works with a series of plates that create a rocking motion when cars drive over them. The rocking motion can turn generators and thus make power.

How much power? It can make about 30 Kilowatts of energy per hour, to be exact. You may not think that isn’t enough, but it could be enough to power the store, including the registers.

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The Eye Dot Me Light – it’s watching you


Lights are usually meant to illuminate and not much else, however, this light seems to take things a couple steps further.  It hangs far above your head, spotlighting where you sit.  All the while if you peer above you’ll notice the alarming resemblance to an eye.  Giving you that feeling that someone or something is staring down at you from above.  Play an hour too many of Portal and you’re going to be cowering under your desk, wondering how GLaDOS made it into your house.  Then having the horrifying thought that you’ll never make it to the cake in the kitchen.

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Beanzawave microwave oven cooks by USB


How many times have you had to work straight through lunch, only to wonder if being lightheaded affected your job performance more than taking a half hour and eating something substantial. But sometimes you just can’t leave your desk. So does that mean being chained to cubicle and eating cold food the rest of your hectic career? Well how about a USB microwave which can heat small dishes right where are? It’ll have the ability to feed you hot food and drive workmates nuts with the wafting scents of cooked food coming from your cube. That’s where the strangely named Beanzawave comes in as the world’s smallest portable microwave oven.

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Pill MP3 Player

vitaminplayerWe at Coolest Gadgets reported on the Pill USB Drive not long ago, and it reminded me of the Pill MP3 Player that is under development.

Hopefully you can see how small it is from this photo, but if the keyboard isn’t enough to give it scale, then you should know that the Pill MP3 Player is 2.7 inches long and approximately one inch in diameter.

What you can’t tell from the photo is that the user has to pull it apart in order to access the controls, and he or she must twist it forward or back to skip tracks. Other than that, this is all I know about this presently conceptual product. I have no idea how many audio files it can hold, but if it is anything like the Pill USB, it is good enough for 30 minutes of MP3s. That really isn’t much.

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Rotary phone turned into desk lamp


One thing I’ve always preferred is to own an older retro looking phone.  However, I’m not so fond of actually using one as my main phone, since I like being able to move throughout the house without having a cord to deal with.  Which makes it a little pointless to even bother owning an older phone.  If you’re into the retro technology though, here’s a great idea on how to utilize that old phone.  This way it finds a new use and you don’t have to deal with a corded phone.

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