SkyRider seats force you to get up close and personal during flights

Flights are already cramped and uncomfortable enough that I often find myself longing to just take a train ride instead.  Now one company is attempting to make flights even more cramped by creating a flight class below the current economy class.  Instead of sitting in seats you’ll be stuck with a slanted chair that allows for the chair in front of you to be even closer.

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Toshiba’s ApriPoco

Toshiba has some interesting projects going on with televisions and computers, and this particular one is a robot that looks more like a side project, really.

It is called the ApriPoco, and I’m not sure what the translates to. If you ask me, it sounds like Acapulco, which I’ve heard is a very nice place to go. Okay, I’m clearly getting off-topic.

Anyway, this 8.4 inch tall robot is apparently an interesting universal remote control. In fact, there is a video of it after the jump, and you can see the lady speaking to the robot to make it do things.

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Pure System sanitizes kitchen items

Every so often you come across something online that just sets off a few red flags.  You’re constantly having small facts thrown at you in articles and through random research that you do online to settle silly debates.  Yet every so often, you get that inkling of a hint that something seems fishy.  Although I’m all about this concept design, I really doubt parts of their facts.  Either way though, having something to keep your kitchen sanitary could be handy.

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Sink And Urinal In One

At first I wasn’t the most thrilled over the idea of someone peeing and washing your hands in the same place.  Honestly, once you really think it through although it is odd, it would save on space and spending money on multiple fixtures in bathrooms.  Plus, it couldn’t be much more unsanitary than washing your hands right next to the toilet, which is the case in most bathrooms.

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NTT’s “t-room” is almost like being there

I realize that this picture looks like two ordinary people shaking hands, but what is actually going on is far more technical and far more complex.

This photo comes from my Source, who was at NTT’s Showroom at Tokyo and got a chance to try out the “t-room”. Yes, that is what they call it, and is actually is very similar to sitting down for tea.

Here is a brief explanation of what the t-room does. A person stands in this small circular room that is surrounded by person-sized video screens. They can see an image of the person they are talking to, who is in another t-room somewhere. This allows for some video conferencing that is exponentially better than FaceTime on the iPhone 4. You can watch the video after the jump to see what is up.

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Babyoom adapts as your baby grows

Buying items for babies is not only expensive, but in some ways feels absolutely pointless.  It’s great for the baby while it’s an infant, but they only stay that small for a very brief amount of time.  Then you’re stuck shopping for toddler accessories and after that it’s the preschool stage.  It would be far nicer if that small fortune you spent in the beginning actually lasted a little while.  Thankfully, some companies have started to create items that will adapt with the changes your child goes through.  One adaptable design is the Babyoom.

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RYNO is one wheeled Segway, again

For some reason reason, there has been an excess of one wheeled vehicles like the Honda U3-X, the PUMA by GM and Segway, as well as the eniCycle.

So, why should I report on the RYNO? Well, you can see from the video here that, from the back, this looks just like someone who is riding a motorcycle.

Seriously, if I was behind a person riding the RYNO on the freeway, I would probably just think: “oh, it is a guy (or girl) on a motorcycle”. Then if he or she were to turn a corner, I probably would say: “hey, that thing has just one wheel!”

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HumanCar can go 60 mph with just human power

This is the HumanCar, and it is a vehicle that does not require gas. Oh yes, I am not making this up.

It is designed by Charles Greenwood, and it made by the user “rowing” to go forward, and it also has a back-up electric battery. Somehow, this allows the driver to reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

There is a video of this after the jump if you want to see this row-powered vehicle in action.

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Posh Lamp looks more like an old cassette player

This is one of those lights that you’re probably either going to love it or hate it.  I don’t see a whole lot of middle ground going with this one.  It’s a light that normally would be considered a portable light by the looks of it.  However, despite the very square portable look it’s actually a full on lamp, complete with a fancy chrome stand.

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