Conceptual Gadgets

In our ongoing quest for the coolest gadget we come across a fair few gadgets that are just concepts. Some we hope will become reality whilst others we hope stay on the drawing board, in this section of CG we report on both.


Transparent OLED concept from LG looks stunning

by Edwin

LG is proud to be the leader in OLED commercial display technology, having already revealed the world’s largest OLED display last year. This time around, the South Korean company has not rested on its laurels, having introduced all new commercial OLED displays that will certainly be able to bring on the “wow factor” for different businesses and enterprising entities with its unique incorporation. This next generation LG transparent OLED display will boast of narrow bezels that help result in its elegant form factor, bringing a futuristic slant to any premise that is decorated with it.

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Vivo APEX FullView concept smartphone

by Edwin

vivo-apexOne of the very best things about a conceptual device is the fact that you can more or less throw in every single bit of technological advancement into the picture, knowing that it does not even have to wait for existing technology and laws of physics to be able to allow it to do so. Vivo has thought of the APEX FullView concept smartphone, which will boast of the world’s very first half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology that is merged with other kinds of engineering breakthroughs in its camera, speaker and sensors.

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Smart High Heel Shoe boasts of an e-Ink display

by Edwin

volvoriiNot all displays are created equal, this is for sure, and for those who are keen to check out just how much more fashionable clothing can be with the advent of technology, you would most probably be keen to see these Volvorii shoes become reality. Right now, it happens to be an Indiegogo campaign, where it is a shoe that boasts of an e-Ink display alongside a Bluetooth module. The reason behind these implementations on a piece of footwear is this – one will be able to alter the way the shoe looks in terms of its external pattern with but a single press of a button.

Imagine hooking up your shoes to a smartphone that has a compatible app running on it, where you will then make your choice of available patterns in order to match whatever you happen to wear that day. While color panels are out of the question at this point in time, leaving us with just black and white choices, it ain’t too shabby, either. After all, it is not as though the entire shoe is covered in an e-Ink display, but just partially. The Volvorii shoes will come with a pair of fasteners (one in front, the other in back) so that you can bring the level of customization even further. A $249 pledge accompanied by a December delivery date are what you can look forward to if it is realized.

Delsey Pluggage Prototype typifies the Internet of Things

by Edwin

pluggageThis year’s recently concluded CES saw the Internet of Things being one of the mainstay features – and it is not surprising, really, especially when one takes into consideration the direction in which the consumer electronics industry had been moving toward in recent years. Having said that, how does one improve on something as “boring” as luggage? Well, apart from the rather obvious points such as better and more durable material which will not add to the weight, the inclusion of a strong backbone and four spinning wheels, how about throwing in some “brains” to the entire get up? This is what Delsey intends to do with their Delsey Pluggage prototype.

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EDAG Light Cocoon is a brilliant conceptual take on a car

by Edwin

edag-light-cocoonNot all vehicles are created equal – there is such a thing known as supercars, whose performance are legendary and would leave just about everyone else in its wake if the throttle is opened to the maximum and one steps on the gas pedal all the way down. Having said that, how about taking a different look at the car, with the EDAG Light Cocoon being one of them? The Light Cocoon is touted to be the ultimate in lightweight construction where vehicles are concerned, and it is set to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next year – carrying a very important capability to boot, which is to sport a backlight that makes the entire ride look as though it has just driven off from a Tron-like movie set.

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Close Sisters Bra changes color when your BFF touches you

by Edwin

close-sisters-braWho would have thought that something as intimate as the bra would eventually end up with its very own technological boost? We have seen that with the Sensoria Fitness Bra some time last year which was capable of monitoring one’s heart rate, and this time around, one would be presented with something that is more fashionable and yet relies on technology to attract attention to itself. As to whether it will be able to take off or not, that remains to be seen. I am referring to the Close Sisters Bra by Triumph, a lingerie maker from Japan.

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The Nixie Wearable Camera – Your Life from a New Perspective

by Julie


Let’s face it, taking pictures or ourselves, and our stuff, has become an icon of our times. Social media has taken over, and we are obsessed with posting images of our best selves, our supposedly ideal lives, and sharing this info with our “friends.” Most of the time, these images of our us with our lunches, or us in the mirror, well, they’re just boring… I want to see some real action! How about a few “Selfies” actually worth looking at? Continue reading » The Nixie Wearable Camera – Your Life from a New Perspective

Dronies – Dancing Airborne Robots for All!

by Julie



We already know that drones are being used by our military. By now we’ve also heard that Amazon is looking into the possibility of being able to deliver some of its packages by using specialized drones. There are drones being manufactured for use inspecting rooftops for damage, or equipment problems. Yes, we know they can spy on us too… but think of all the positive possibilities! Continue reading » Dronies – Dancing Airborne Robots for All!

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