$100 Windup Laptops

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers want to get laptops into the hands of children everywhere and have proposed to give the children of the world $100 laptops.

The laptops have a 500-megahertz processor provided by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and flash memory instead of a hard drive with moving parts. They will, also, run on Linux instead of Windows in order to cut costs on software. The laptops will be WI-FI enabled and have 4 USB ports.

Now the big kicker is that a hand crank powers the laptops. One minute of cranking would enable the laptops to run for 10 minutes.

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Gigabyte i-RAM Storage Drive

Do you find transferring files to and from your hard disk is a little time-consuming? Well, Gigabyte has launched a device called i-RAM, a hard disk storage alternative, which is based on fast DDR SDRAM chips rather than slow-but-stable flash memory chips. With data stored on memory chip, it is truly much faster than saving data onto rotating hard disk medium. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to using i-RAM; that is, Gigabyte acknowledged that the product is not suitable for systems that are turned off permanently for long periods of time, and secondly, not useful for anyone who demands more than 4 GB of storage space capacity.

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Quintet TFT Displays

I’ve had a dual TFT set-up for quite a while and couldn’t work without it. I will upgrade to triple TFTs at some point in the future once funds allow. That is until I saw these 5 TFT models, they make my dual TFTs look like something out of the dark ages. Just imagine the sheer amount of information you could display on that desktop (though you may need binoculars to read the furthest away screens.

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Hot Stuff Laptops

Laptops are designed to be of must use when people are on the move, but they are far from the most ergonomically friendly devices. They generally kick out a considerable amount of heat, which either ends up heating your thighs or being reflected from the desk back into the laptop causing the fans to have a whizzing frenzy.

A company called Xbrand may have the answer to your scorched thigh problems.

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LED Keyboard

Loads of programs have different uses for different keys, especially games. Wouldn’t it be really cool if every key was like a mini LCD screen and the contents of it would change depending on what program you were using. Well the smart people at Art. Lebedev Studio are on the case and have a prototype. … Read more