Tenda’s Nova is a whole-home Wi-Fi system

It goes without saying that many of us now love living in the smart era, where our cars are smart, we cannot do without a smartphone, and of course, the humble home would have received an infusion of technology to make it function a whole lot better and safer compared to before. Tenda Technology from … Read more

MSI Infinite X gaming desktop announced

Anyone who is serious about gaming would definitely know that having the right kind of hardware is extremely important to get as much of an advantage as possible over the other opponents. Some of us might want to start building a gaming rig right from scratch, while others could look to picking up a gaming … Read more

MSI Vortex G25 is a small form factor gaming beast

When it comes to gaming, one very important element that most people would take into consideration first would be the kind of hardware that the gaming PC packs underneath the hood. The case itself might look really, really pretty, but if it does not have any high performance parts within, it would amount to nothing, … Read more

Acer Convertible Nitro 5 Spin notebook caters to the casual gaming crowd

When it comes to gaming, there are two distinct groups. One of them happens to be serious gamers, those who would settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to hardware and performance. The other would be casual gamers, who love nothing better than to pick up a game while they are on the move, pause for a few hours, before resuming at any point in time where they are able to sit back and relax. Well, Acer would like to cater to the latter crowd with the Convertible Nitro 5 Spin gaming notebook.

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Laptop Lift 90° is a dual laptop stand that looks cool

Smartphones are not the only devices out there that require a stand of its own, especially for those who tend to watch movies on their smartphones while they are traveling. A laptop too, would be able to make do with a stand of its own. newPCgadgets has something cool in the form of the Laptop … Read more

AOC 27-inch Quad HD Ultra Slim Frameless IPS Monitor

When it comes to computer monitors, there are many different kinds of models from which one is able to choose from. However, some monitors will obviously cost more than the others — for the simple fact that they come with better hardware specifications. AOC is one such company that has long been a leader in monitor display technology, and they recently announced the brand new 27-inch Quad HD Ultra Slim Frameless IPS Monitor, also known by its model number Q2781PQ.

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AOC 27-inch PLS Monitor sports Qi Wireless Charging Base

Wireless charging is the way to go, as you do not have to worry about anything such as tripping over cables and wires, or perhaps plugging your device into a port. All that you need to do is leave it on the charging plate and you’re good to do other things. The Qi wireless charging standard has been the definitive one in the industry for quite some time already, and this time around, we see a Qi wireless charging plate arrive in a totally unexpected format — being the base of the 27-inch AOC PLS monitor.

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Razer Blade laptop gets an upgrade

Razer is a name that is synonymous with gaming peripherals, and it goes without saying that their offerings have tended to be on the high end side of things. In fact, their Razer Blade laptop is certainly extravagant in terms of its specifications, but when you are in the business of trying to eke out … Read more

Satechi expands Metallic series to keep new rose gold Apple products company

When it comes to modern day computing accessories, there is one particular name that we should always keep in mind — Satechi. After all, they have rolled out their fair share of peripherals over the years to keep us convinced that there is nothing but quality behind their lines, and the same can be said of their latest expansion in the Metallic Series which will keep company the new rose gold MacBook, iPhone® and Apple Watch.

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