Petron Fun Crossbow

So we took a look at the Petron Hand Bow yesterday, and for those who want a little bit more kick in their modern update to medieval weapons, here is the Petron Fun Crossbow. At £14.99 a pop, this lightweight weapon hails from a less civilized age, and will be able to deliver a satisfying … Read more

Road Kill Toys

Everyone knows that road kill is not pretty at all, but somehow, the folks over at Firebox have managed to find a quirky way to talk about death to the younger ones, thanks to the Road Kill Toys. These have already had their souls gone over to teddy heaven, but the physical visage left behind … Read more

Pedal Powered School Bus ready to combat childhood obesity

I believe that I have said it before, but children have all this energy that adults actually need. I figure that you might as well tap into that energy in this pedal powered school bus!
This bus, powered by Flintstones Kids technology, is made in the Netherlands by De Cafe Racer. It has room for about ten kids, and they will be put to work.
Oh man, this would solve so many problems with unruly kids on the schools bus! Just try and make those spitballs now, junior! Yeah, those kids should have both hands on the handlebars.

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Computer Engineer Barbie – Does Barbie like Windows?

I have to admit that as a kid I was never a Barbie fan, and all that Ken business, I for one was glad when they broke-up. I always wondered why they never made “perfect divorce Barbie” She could have come with the Dream House, the Corvette and most of Ken’s stuff, including half his paycheck,   but no, they made baby-sitter Barbie, ballerina Barbie and dog groomer Barbie, dolls I could never really get into, until now…
Please meet the newest addition to the “Barbie I Can Be…” collection, and the first profession ever chosen by popular vote, the Barbie I Can Be a Computer Engineer doll. In my opinion, the coolest of all Barbie Dolls, THIS Barbie comes complete with a cool pink laptop with case, a hot pink smartphone and a headset. Dressed in perfect geek-chic Barbie wears a binary design t-shirt with leggings and pink sneakers and her face is adorned with the almost mandatory, squarish framed glasses.

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KidZui – The Internet for Kids

I came home today to have my 8 year old daughter tell me she was on and watched a naked man with his stuff  jiggling. I tried to appear unconcerned, while my face flushed with color and I considered my options. Luckily I asked her to show it to me, and the “stuff” to which she had referred was his enormous unclothed belly, which prevented you from being able to tell if he had pants on or not.
Fifteen minutes later I was downloading the totally free internet browser specifically designed for kids, KidZui.  The KidZui K2 browser allows access to millions of websites, games, and videos which are all pre-screened and pre-approved by KidZui’s editorial staff, teachers, and parents.

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