iPotty…the Name Says It All

Parents everywhere are turning to their iPad to assist in educating and entertaining children. Thousands of quality learning apps exist to help everything from speaking to writing. Games help little ones kill time – and improve skills in some cases. And of course the iPad mobility with movies and TV shows becomes a life saver in some situations…a babysitter as some would say. But one parental duty floating under the radar has plenty of apps (22 on the US app store) to assist. Is it reading? Nope. Math? Nope. POTTY TRAINING! Yes, apps give parents help in the quest to get “pee-pee in the potty.” And now a creative piece of ‘hardware’ looks to help complete the learning process.

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The Spy Watch – GPS Tracker and Mobile Device for Kids

It’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up, that being said I have to admit I still see my daughter as a little girl and I’m not really enjoying having to let her venture off to do things on her own. This year she wants to go trick-or-treating with her friends. What? No mom to take pictures, “test” the candy and watch for traffic? Is she nuts?

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LeapFrog introduces LeapPad2 in a special Disney Princess bundle

LeapFrog has just announced their latest iteration of the LeapPad 2 tablet – where this particular puppy not only comes in pink and green shades, but for those fathers and grandfathers who love nothing better than to dote on their precious daughters and granddaughters, there is also a special Disney Princess bundle for you to look into. Just what kind of technological wizardry does the LeapFrog LeapPad 2 carry? For starters, you not only get back cameras that allow you to record whatever goes on around you, there is also a front-facing camera for some shameless self-portraits, not to mention video recording capability.
We shall take a closer look at the hardware specifications right after the jump, in addition to the number of features as well as kinds of hardware that comes with the LeapPad 2.

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Wibit Sports Park – Want to Buy a real Water Wonderland?

Sure, we’ve introduced you to all kinds of water toys, slides and pools, jet boats and water bikes. There really does seem to be an endless supply of water related gadgets and gizmos, but every now and then you come across the quintessential water amusement, the thing that makes all else pale in comparison, and that my friends, is what I found for you today.
Behold the Wibit Sports Park 60, simply looking at it is enough to make you smile. The Sports Park is best described as a floating water playground, complete with a climbing tower, trampolines, a swing, a catapult and an obstacle track including a high jump, just for you and about 59 of your closest friends. The Wibit system is modular, and designed specifically so that they can be connected to other Wibit products using connector straps and anchor plates, making it easy to customize the super fun zone of your dreams.

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