HappiTaps merge toy and app genres together

Everything is getting converged these days as we push ourselves to do far more than what we were originally meant to do. I still remember back in the day where we actually had to make sure everything was in place before leaving the house, as no one carried cell phones back then. If a friend and I were to agree to meet at 6pm at a particular place, we made sure we arrived there early, as a public phone is useful only if your friend has yet to leave his or her home. Fast forward to today, and you have folks changing their plans at the very last minute simply because of the convenience of smartphones.
Well, having said that, smartphones, too, exhibit plenty of signature convergence attributes such as the inclusion of a digital camera, voice recorder, MP3 playback capability, a video phone, the whole works! It then makes perfect sense to create lovable technology, where baby brand Infantino decided to work hand in hand with publisher Tipitab in order to create a first-of-its-kind toy/app hybrid that they call HappiTaps. HappiTaps will be a spin on the classic teddy bear which everyone knows and loves, where the HappiTabs functions as a huggable cover for your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Origami Baby Stroller can fold by itself

In Up in the Air, George Clooney advises his protege not to follow someone with a stroller through airport security, as he has “never seen a stroller that has taken less than thirty minutes to take down”. That is an exaggeration, but as someone who once purchased a folding stroller, that is about how long it took me to learn how to fold one.
Fortunately, the 4moms Shop has come up with a way to do a self-folding stroller that transforms in a way reminiscent of The Transformers. There is a video after the jump, and I am surprised that I don’t hear the wha-chut-chat sounds of transforming from the old cartoon that made their way into the Michael Bay movies.

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Griffin Technology launches the Woogie 2

A while ago, we announced that Griffin Technology was creating the Woogie. For those who don’t know what the Woogie is, it is a way of storing an iPhone or iPod Touch in a furry covering so a toddler or other little child can play with it.
Well, like everything in today’s society, anything that is even fairly decent gets a sequel. Therefore, Griffin Technology would like to present, the Woogie 2.
So far, the only difference that I see between the Woogie 2 and the original is that the new version has one less leg. As you can see, the Woogie 2 can sit up like a little baby, while the original just flops with all six legs like an octopus.

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