Popar Books – Reach Out and Grab you… really!

So here we go, even our books are becoming high tech, I can see it now, gone are the days of the quiet library. No longer will we feel the evil eye and hear the stern Shhhhhh… of the librarian. Someday, and that day┬ámay be here sooner rather than later, the library will sound like an arcade, with all the bells and whistles, lights flashing and spinning, books just begging to be read… literally. But I have to say, I’m alright with it, in fact I’m okay with anything that gets my kid to read. A high tech library… can you imagine it?
Well Popar Toys sure can, Popar Toys is using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive learning experience that will allow its users to see the books printed pages blossom with incredible virtual 3D objects and animations that will seem to just jump off the pages. The “magic” works by way of a webcam and Popar’s specially coded books and cards, that when held up for the camera, seem to “come alive” around its user, right on your computer screen! Check out the video after the jump…

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Portals: Like I really wouldn’t report on this

What you are seeing here is not a deleted scene from Poltergeist where the TV sucks someone else in, starting with their hand.
This is a Kickstarter project called Portals, and it has nothing to do with the popular video game franchise Portal. What you see here is exactly what you think it is: someone has made a display that you can literally reach into.
It works with a simple greenscreen and webcam. When you stick your hand in the box, the webcam records your hand against the green screen and on the display you are looking at. In the case of the illustration, the user has chosen Google Streetview.

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