TrackR reveals a pair of new form factors this CES 2017

trackr-2TrackR is excited with this year’s CES — how about you? After all, if this were not the case, they would not have worked to unveil not just one, but a couple of new form factors over at CES 2017. The “stars” in the equation would be the TrackR pixel and TrackR wallet 2.0, where they have joined the rest of the new TrackR family, which would make it easier than ever before to maintain your portfolio of personal items — without breaking the bank, to boot.

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LG goes the Dyson way with the CordZero vacuum cleaner

lg-cordzeroWhen it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are many different kinds of models to choose from. While many of us are familiar with the astromech droid design that tends to offer a whole lot more suction power at the price of being cumbersome, there are the cordless vacuum cleaners that can be manned by you (like those offered by Dyson), or the automated ones that go about with their jobs on their own. LG intends to wow the masses this coming CES with the LG CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner. Pretty obvious through its name, don’t you think so?

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Kanex Magnetic Charging Stand and Portable Keychain Battery caters for the Apple Watch

kanex-gopowerWhen it comes to accessories for Apple device, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are dime a dozen models to choose from, not to mention many manufacturers know that it is a simple way to make money. This means it is also pretty dangerous, trying to figure out just which particular accessory is worth your time. Well, with Kanex, they have been known to churn out quality accessories over the years, and this time around for CES 2017, things are no different. Kanex has announced the Magnetic Charging Stand and Portable Keychain Battery which will target Apple Watch owners at this year’s edition of CES.

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LG PJ9 is a levitating speaker that looks out of this world

lg-pj9When it comes to portable or wireless speakers, most of us would look for the model that is hardy in nature, being able to take just about anything and everything that you throw in its direction. Well, LG has a slightly different route this time around with the LG PJ9, where this wireless speaker is certainly out of the ordinary in terms of its design. After all, most of the portable speakers that are in the market require you to bring them around with you, or even hook them up to a carabiner. For those who use it at home, you leave it on the table. Not so with the LG PJ9 that is all set to debut at CES 2017 — this particular speaker will levitate, as though by magic — now how about that for impressive?

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Audiofly AF250 Bluetooth headphones is company’s first

audiofly-af250In life, there is always a first time for everything. In other words, the seemingly inexhaustible list of possibilities can be experienced by everyone if the situation and time are correct. Audiofly has introduced a brand new AF250 Bluetooth headphones, which also happens to be the company’s first over at the recently concluded CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It is rather difficult to believe at first that this is the first Bluetooth headphones from Audiofly, especially since they are innovators of award-winning, audiophile-grade in-ear monitors and earphones.

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Braven expands active lifestyle Bluetooth speaker range

braven-405If you are one who constantly spends plenty of your time in the great outdoors, or at least love to meet up with your regular group of friends in places which will require a whole lot of protection for your mobile devices since you can never quite tell as to when the skies are about to open up and pour, then you would do well to check out just what Braven has in store for you. In fact, Braven has never shirked away from rolling out rugged portable speakers in the past, and it does not look as though they are about to do so anytime soon. Braven has taken the recent opportunity to introduce a range of active lifestyle Bluetooth speakers with the Braven 105 and the Braven 405, where these two versatile models will bring about modern style, exceptional functionality and superior sound to the Active Series.

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Ilumi’s BR30 is one smart lightbulb for the modern home

ilumiAh, just about everything needs to come with the smart prefix these days, in order to make sure that they end up as worthy of being paraded on store shelves. While I understand that lighting does require a certain degree of energy savings, how smart can a bulb get apart from being able to be remotely controlled from afar via an app? Well, it seems that ilumi is back this time around after their outing last year, where the company has taken CES 2016 as the platform to reveal the power of outdoor and indoor lighting via ilumi’s very own BR30 Outdoor.

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Braven reveals BRV-Bank Pro LE modular backup battery that is rugged

BRV-PRO-BANK-LE_StackedWhen we mention the name Braven, most of the time folks would think of some sort of portable speaker or that sort. In fact, things could not not be any different from that, as Braven does far more than just portable or outdoor speakers. Case in point, this particular modular backup battery that will certainly come in handy whenever your devices are in a tight spot and need some sort of recharging, where it will be known as the Braven BRV-Bank Pro LE, touted to be no ordinary modular backup battery, but rather, the first ultra rugged model of its kind in the world that will boast of an ecosystem of accessories that has been specially designed in order to adapt to even the most extreme outdoor environments.

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Griffin wants you to carry stuff in comfort and ease

griffin-survivor-bagsMention the name Griffin Technology, and chances are you would have in mind at least one of their award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories. It looks like Griffin Technology would like to lighten your load, so to speak, this time around with a new collection of bags that will make up part of its best-selling Survivor range. the Survivor Backpack and Survivor Briefcase, where both of these happen to be TSA-compliant to make sure that you need not end up with broken zippers or locks upon your arrival, and at the same time, get to enjoy crush-and-weather-proof protection for laptops, tablets and other technological devices regardless of how far you travel.

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Audiofly expands in-ear monitor range

audioflyThe recently concluded CES saw a little bit of something (and then some) from various bodies and companies for everyone, and Audiofly too, took the opportunity to ensure that they had a couple of additions to the in-ear monitor family with the introduction of the AF1120 as well as the AF100. The Audiofly AF1120 happened to be specially designed for rockstars as well as advanced musicians, whereas the AF100 was designed to target novice musicians who are on the lookout for a high-quality, affordable in-ear monitor.

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