CrossHelmet X1 provides 360° field of view

For some of us, there is the thrill of zipping down the highway on a motorbike at speeds that we would normally not dream of doing so in an attempt to obtain an adrenaline rush while skipping rush hour traffic. Owning a high powered motorbike is certainly a joy, but then again there is also the drawback of having one’s vision being blocked or limited due to the helmet that one wears. The CrossHelmet X1 offers something else entirely: a 360° field of view that is made possible courtesy of its integrated rear-camera and augmented reality HUD (Heads Up Display).

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Scosche BTFREQ car charger

Many of us own more than a single smartphone or mobile device these days, and more often than not, the power bank is an essential tool that we bring around in order to make sure that there is always some juice on hand just in case our handset runs out of power in the middle of the day. It is also not amiss to see more and more vehicle owners purchase a charger that plugs into their ride’s 12V socket, and Scosche has upped the ante with their latest Scosche BTFREQ. The Scosche BTFREQ might be a small device, but do not let its looks deceive you since it is mighty in nature with a clever design that packs in a slew of technology solutions which ranges from in-vehicle hands-free communications to entertainment, Power Delivery, and Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa.

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Rear View Safety vehicle flood lights has integrated camera

rear-view-safetyIt was only a matter of time before vehicles incorporated rear view cameras, and this has undoubtedly helped drivers from all walks of life to be able to drive in a safer manner, especially when they are backing up their vehicle into the garage or a parking lot. There has been instances of parents unwittingly knocking their own child over simply because the child was in a blind spot, and the rear view camera has definitely worked wonders in minimizing such unfortunate incidents. Rear View Safety has recently rolled out a range of vehicle flood lights that boast of a built-in backup camera.

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Dash Cam 500 keeps an eye on everything

If there is one particular peripheral that would definitely come in handy while driving, it would be the dashboard camera. After all, getting involved in an accident can be a messy affair, no matter how minor it might be. Having an eyewitness to the incident would be important when it comes to settling insurance claims, … Read more

Owl adds new features to car camera system

While self-driving cars have taken a knock in terms of readiness of being rolled out due to the recent events where these vehicles were involved in fatal accidents, what about regular folks like you and me who do not have the luxury of sitting inside one of these automated vehicles? We still need to be … Read more

WHILL Model Ci personal mobility device

Model_CiIn the past, we used to get around on our two legs most of the time, but when mobility devices such as the bicycle became commonplace, that was all the rage. Of course, over the years, there were skateboards and in-line skates that made it easier to cover the distance without breaking out too much of a sweat. WHILL decided to take a look at the personal mobility device category and introduce what it thinks could be a game-changer: the Model Ci. This is touted to be a life-changing assistive personal mobility device which empowers confidence, and it will also feature IoT integration in order to deliver premium customer care.

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F-wheel reveals the DYU Smart Bike D2

f-wheelWhen it comes to keeping healthy, there are many different ways in which one is able to exercise. However, it is always important to ensure that the right kind of exercise is undertaken, where there is maximum benefit to health and minimal impact to the joints and body so that you can always enjoy exercising longer, well into your golden years. Cycling is a low impact aerobic activity that many people love, but if you want a unique bicycle that can also help you tackle those steep uphill segments without having to break out in a massive sweat, F-wheel has just the thing for you with the DYU Smart Bike D2.

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rPlate interactive digital license plate

reviverWe first talked about the state of California getting digital license plates all the way back in 2010, and it seems that Reviver is here to fulfill that niche. rPlate is a new take on the 125-year old metal plate in the form of an Internet of Things connected car platform. The rPlate will be made available to states such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas this year, where other states are set to follow in due time, being the first ever interactive digital license plate in the world.

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Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle offers something different to get about

victorian-futurist-cycleNot all bicycles are created equal, as some other models tend to be more attractive than the rest. Well, when it comes to getting around in style, you can either own a flashy sports car, or you could perhaps take a slightly different route this time around — with the $12,000 Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle. Yes sir, the name alone is quite a mouthful to swallow or pronounce, but the sheer physical presence of the Victorian Futurist’s Electric Cycle is certainly food for thought.

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Q-See introduces QGo Dashcam

Dashboard cameras have become so commonplace these days, it is not surprising at all. After all, we live in a very connected and visual generation, where just about everything and anything that can be recorded, will be recorded. I am quite sure that you would have seen your fair share of recorded videos of road … Read more