Hand Winding Solar Camping Lamp with Charger

I truly hate lanterns and for one simple reason. They take about six different D batteries to stay powered.  Who honestly keeps D batteries around?  I don’t think I even own any gadgets anymore that require that particular type of batteries.  Well if you really don’t want to have to stock pile batteries, this small lantern … Read more

Two-way Crank Radio is perfect for camping and hiking trips

Have you ever been camping and decided to go on a long hike, only to discover your walkie-talkie batteries are dead, leaving you without any means of communication? We all know cell phones are pretty much useless anywhere that’s good for hiking, so you’re stuck with a pair of walkie-talkies. Wouldn’t it be great if … Read more

Foldable Cloth Oven could be ideal for camping

Redefining the term “easy bake oven,” researchers with the Taiwan Textile Institute have developed a cloth that can take high temperatures and have parlayed their discovery into a foldable oven for camping, military kitchens, and outdoor catering. The cloth oven weighs only a only a few hundred grams researchers claim it can reach temperatures over … Read more