Ricoh GPS camera

Canon may not have been listening when I asked for a bluetooth camera but it looks like Ricoh were!

The new Ricoh 500SE is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic… Errr, where were we? Oh yes, it’s a waterproof, ruggedised 8MP digital camera with Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS all built in – how cool is that? I don’t know how well – or even if – it will work with the Seagate DAVE since neither product has been released yet but I do like the idea of having a hard drive getting the photos directly from the camera.

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Hyperdrive photo wallet

“Photo wallets” are nothing new – devices to back up your memory card to a hard drive have become common in the past few years. The Sanho Hyperdrive is one such device and while it may not be the newest product concept there’s still room for a well implemented one. The Hyperdrive has a rechargable … Read more

Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame

I bet some people already got tired of reading about digital frames after the third time it was mentioned, we are now talking about the 7th digi frame counting with the small keychains too. Lets recapitulate what we have so far:

  • Parrot Photo Viewer
  • NuVue Digital Photo Frame
  • Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled Picture Frame – clearly the best one, why aren’t there more frames with Wi-Fi and a connection to Flickr so you can have different photos for each day of the year?
  • YAT Digital Picture Frame
  • Digital Photo Keychain
  • Picture Keyring – the black sheep of small digi frames

Now, onto our device of the day – the Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame.

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5.0MP Digital Binocular Camera

5.0 Mega Pixel LCD Digital Binocular Camera

Remember the previous Digital Binocular Camera we talked about? Well, that one only had 2.0 mega pixels which can be considered pretty low for the actual standards, this one has more MPs and improved features overall. The name also stands out (when comparing to the poor DB3200), it is called Pro Viewer BinoCam, I must admit that the “Pro” part on the beginning makes all the difference, right?

This 3-in-1 device can be used as:

  • a binocular to view animals at the Kruger Park
  • a digital camera to take photos of the Kruger lions, crocodiles, and so on
  • a recording digital camera to take AVI video clips that catch the lions on the act, just like you see it on the Discovery Channel

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6x zoom telescope for a mobile phone camera

I don’t know why no one’s thought of this before. It’s a mobile phone case mod, which replaces the standard camera lens with a 6x zoom lens. To install the zoom lens, simply remove the standard shell and, replace it with the new one fitted with the built-in lens. With smartphone camera quality we see today investing a … Read more

Phlash – The Flash for your Mobile

My last 3 mobile phones have all had an inbuilt camera, with each generation improving on the last. One thing I find most camera phones seem to lack is any sort of flash. Well I was obviously not alone in noticing this limitation, as you can now buy Phlash, the world’s first universal Camera-phone flash.

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Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 (5MP with webcam support)

For the last one week, I was eyeing on this new model of Traveler digital camera from Germany. For some reason, it caught my interest when I was shopping at Aldi, when they announced a product to be released this week. The Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 has a 5-megapixel, sufficiently large enough to take really good quality pictures. In addition, the 1.7-inch LCD colour display allows you to see more clearly. Also, it comes with a 4x-digital zoom, which somewhat I feel it would be better if it were to be an optical zoom instead.

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22 Mega Pixel Camera

I’m more of a point and click camera person and am very happy with my 5.1 Mega Pixel Sony Cyber-shot (recommended by our camera buff Marc) but after reading up on a new 22 Mega Pixel monster I thought it only right to report it here.

I’ve never heard of Mamiya before but if you know your cameras I’m sure they’ll be a familiar name (they’ve been around for over 60 years). Their calling this new 22 Mega Pixel beast theMamiya ZD digital camera and it will be available in Japan any time now whilst the rest of the world will have to wait until early 2006.

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The Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera

Just the thought of a digital camera for a gift is a wonderful idea, but when you couple it with a very small size, the intrigue is even more appealing. With the Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera, being only around ½ inch thick and not much wider than a credit card you will be able to … Read more