Ricoh Theta Z1 360-degree camera

Ricoh Theta Z1 360-degree camera

Do you love setting up action shots or capturing photos that are totally unique in its inspiration and angle? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably find the Theta Z1 360-degree camera to be well worth the effort. Ricoh has just announced this 360-degree camera, making it king of the hill in this department. This latest model will be able to support approximately 23-megapixels resolution (6720 x 3360 pixels) 360-degree still image photo shooting, letting you capture great looking spherical images in a single shot. Surely all of your social media accounts will be able to benefit from such a device in terms of wowing your followers.

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PolarPro Defender keeps your camera lenses safe

Casual photographers do not care too much for purchasing a variety of lenses, but serious shutterbugs continue to search out the next best lens for their cameras. Traveling with a wide variety of lenses might give you options, but it also adds another headache as you constantly think about protecting your lenses from knocks and … Read more

OSBOT Tail auto-director AI camera

We live in a world where media consumption is extremely common due to ever more affordable data plans as well as much improved infrastructure worldwide. Most of us use our smartphones in order to capture a particular happening or interesting event, be it through photo or video mediums. Why not up the ante with a … Read more

The CASE Air – Your Instagram game is about to be amazing

Case Air DSLR

Photographers cried out all at once when phones started coming with cameras. While there’s always a need for someone to take photos professionally, smartphones have certainly lessened the demand, and that’s because you can take some great pictures with your phone and have them on Facebook before the event you’re at is over. I recently spent 6 weeks in Japan, and while I took over 2,000 photos with my DSLR, most of the photos that made it to social media came from my phone because there wasn’t enough time to get them onto a computer, edited, and uploaded fast enough.

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Sioeye Iris4G Blink Edition action camera features integrated 4G live streaming capability

Whenever there is a mention of an action camera anywhere, chances are one would think of the GoPro series, or perhaps some other one-shot attempts like the Nikon KeyMission 360 action camera. Well, Sioeye does not want to miss out on the action either, and their Iris4G Blink Edition brings something special to the table … Read more

The Tiny1 will renew your interest in space


If you’ve ever laid down and looked up at night, you’ve likely seen a myriad of twinkling dots littered across the sky. They’re beautiful and terrifying, mainly because you know there’s more out there than what the naked eye can take in. If you really take an interest, you might have looked up some photos online and come across images from NASA, or from enthusiasts who have tons of money to pour into high-quality equipment.

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