The Tiny1 will renew your interest in space


If you’ve ever laid down and looked up at night, you’ve likely seen a myriad of twinkling dots littered across the sky. They’re beautiful and terrifying, mainly because you know there’s more out there than what the naked eye can take in. If you really take an interest, you might have looked up some photos online and come across images from NASA, or from enthusiasts who have tons of money to pour into high-quality equipment.

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Nova is a wireless pocket flash that will make phone photos look professional

nove wireless phone flash

We love recording our experiences and sharing them with the world. Pictures of events, food, people, silly videos, and self portraits take over our social media news feeds. The more photos or videos we take, the more we realize what makes a quality image. Photographers always have to use diffused light to get the images they want. When it comes to our phones, the flash is a little lack luster.

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The Polaroid Socialmatic – “Instant” Gratification

Ah the memories, our old Polaroid SX-70 camera and the uber-expensive 10 pack of film… mugging it up, and then waving the pic in the air, or rubbing it on your pants thinking that magically would make it develop faster. The Polaroid instant camera is an icon, and one that has taken up where it … Read more

Canon EOS M digital camera enters into the mirrorless territory

Canon has long been a leader in the world of DSLRs, but when it comes to smaller sized shooters, Canon had largely concentrated on commercially viable consumer and prosumer class digital cameras, not really treading on the mirrorless camera technology known as Micro Four Thirds which has been around for some years now. The mirrorless … Read more

iPhone 360 Degree Panoramic Video Lens

When it comes to the iPhone’s camera, it has long reigned as the undisputed champion of cameras found in smartphones, although new challengers such as the Galaxy S3 as well as the slightly older HTC One series are worth their salt as well, especially with the latter being able to capture stills while you are … Read more

Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

Polaroid has just announced their latest instant digital camera, the Polaroid Z2300. Of course, we do know that Polaroid has long been the name in terms of instant photos, and here we are with their latest interpretation of the instant digital camera – which is the Z2300. Just how does the Z2300 work? For starters, … Read more