The Fidget Hand Spinner keeps busy minds occupied

When you’re sitting during a lecture where the professor is going off on a tangent or are stuck in a meeting where your boss loves to hear themselves talk, your mind wanders. It’s hard not to be restless and start tapping your feet, fingers, and playing with whatever is nearby. You don’t want to be … Read more

VTech reveals Kidizoom Action Cam for your active little ones

kidizoom-action-camMost of the time, action cams are something which adults use – simply because a select segment of adults happen to do a whole lot of adventuring, and since a picture speaks a thousand words, how about using a video to tell the entire story of your latest adrenaline pumping adventure rather than to verbally let everyone at the table know? What if your children, who do happen to have a streak of adventure in them as well, would like to get some adventuring done? This is where VTech comes in with their latest innovation, the Kidizoom Action Cam that will deliver their parents’ technology to a new generation of active kids.

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X-Doria announces KidFit activity tracker

kidfitChildren are extremely active – and in this new generation, where many of them grow up on a sugar rich diet, they tend to be hyperactive and have lots and lots of energy to expend, that disciplining them the right way requires plenty of wisdom as well as love, sprinkled with some stern looks along the way. Since adults are able to enjoy gadgets such as activity trackers including the Razer Nabu, why not the little ones? X-Doria sees this particular need, and has since announced the KidFit.

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Leapband – Activity Tracker for Kids

It seems that as far back as I can remember, kids liked to pretend they were grownups. In my day there were sets of keys, and old corded-type phones that little ones could drag around with them and pretend to be mom or dad. Today “play” cellphones and tablets are popular… and some of them … Read more

The G-Pad turns your smartphone into a Game Boy


Getting a Game Boy growing up was certainly a defining moment. You could play all the games you wanted, and the only thing to stop you would be the batteries dying. It is a marvelous age, that we can now play a huge variety of games on our phone. The only major difference being that your D-pad, A, B, start, and select buttons are flat.

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Stixtoy Gun helps your little ones get started young

The wild, wild west has always been the bedrock of many an interesting yarn to listen to, and even until today, there are young and impressionable kids out there who would love to live out the life of a sheriff, hunting down outlaws and making sure that those who practice a life of crime will … Read more

Smart PJs – Pajamas that Tell a Story


Kids grow up so fast. I’ve been astounded lately at just how quickly my little girl has become too grown up for all kinds of kid-stuff. We can’t watch Dora anymore, or Little Bear, she’s moved on, and even enjoys a little non-fiction entertainment now and again, and of course her beloved Cake Boss. What could get her interested in a good cuddle and a bedtime story?

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