Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds revealed

We all need a little bit of music in order to boost our day or perhaps even enhance our performance in terms of work or sports, and a pair of wired headphones is often the most common recourse that a listener resorts to. However, a decent pair of wireless earbuds that stays in place no … Read more

V-Moda reveals wireless BassFit in-ear sports headphones

If there is one thing that is always a great help in keeping fit, it would be a pair of earphones that pump out music the way it is meant to be heard, without falling out of place or having wires get in the way. V-Moda is a household name when it comes to quality … Read more

JLab Audio reveals the Flex Sport wireless headphones

JLab_Audio_Flex_SportWorking out should be fun, otherwise it can be quite the chore pulling up those sports socks and wearing a pair of sneakers in order to sweat it out. Thankfully for many of us, we all have our favorite tunes to keep us company while we pound the pavement or lift some weights, but the crucial question is this: do you have the right pair of sports earphones to go along with your fitness regime? JLab Audio has come up with their new over-ear sport headphone, calling it the Flex Sport wireless headphones.

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Phiaton goes on the offensive with new Bolt BT 700 wireless earbuds

Phiaton, a company that continues to uphold high standards when it comes to high-performance personal audio products, has broken new ground yet again with the Bolt BT 700. Having absolutely nothing to do with the world’s fastest man, the Bolt BT 700 lays claim to being the first true wireless earphones with mic in the … Read more

Marshall beefs up range of Bluetooth speakers

If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker that not only looks good, but sounds great as well, then the folks over at Marshall have just the thing for you. In fact, their latest range of speakers comprise of a trio of models: the Acton II Bluetooth, the Stanmore II Bluetooth and the … Read more

Tribit XBoom Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to wireless audio, there are two main segments in the consumer electronics market: the wireless headphones and wireless speaker markets, such as shower speakers. After all, nobody likes to get in a tangled mess when listening to their favorite tunes, and with battery technology having made advancements, one can enjoy wireless audio … Read more

TREBLAB X5 lets you enjoy leading an active lifestyle

When it comes to working out, each of us has our very own workout programs or schedules that fit our needs and goals best. However, regardless of whether you like a brisk walk in the mornings or evenings, or prefer to pound the pavement with at least 3 miles under your belt, one thing is … Read more

Bose Soundbar 700 and Soundbar 500 enhances your home theater experience

bose-soundbarMany of us would like nothing better than to plonk our bodies down in our favorite chair when we return home, kick back and relax — preferably with our favorite tunes playing in the background, of course. Music is food for the soul, and a good home theater system also works wonders to de-stress with a great movie. Bose has come up with the Soundbar 700 and Soundbar 500 which will crush the limitations of spaciousness from a solitary enclosure, as it merges size-defying performance with superior voice pickup as well as the power of Amazon Alexa. There will be support for other voice assistants in the future, as well as AirPlay 2 compatibility for simple streaming from Apple devices from early next year onwards.

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Sound BlasterX G6 is pure gaming heaven for consoles

When it comes to gaming, visuals play a very important role, but so does audio. Over the years, game developers have paid an equal amount of attention to audio details, and high quality gaming earbuds that help convey the in-game environment to gamers do their bit to help, too. Creative Labs has once again broken … Read more

Dash Cam 500 keeps an eye on everything

If there is one particular peripheral that would definitely come in handy while driving, it would be the dashboard camera. After all, getting involved in an accident can be a messy affair, no matter how minor it might be. Having an eyewitness to the incident would be important when it comes to settling insurance claims, … Read more