Best Tower Speakers [2019]

How We Picked Are you someone who loves to listen to, experience, and share all types of music, movies, and TV shows with anyone who will listen? You may have multiple music apps, YouTube ready at a moment’s notice, and thousands of songs stored on your iPhone that you listen to on your shower speaker. … Read more

Best Running Headphones [2020]

How We Picked Most of us need to listen to our favorite songs for extra motivation when going for a run down the hiking trail or when working out at the gym. That being said, not all earbuds and headphones are a good choice for working out, running and other strenuous physical activities, just because … Read more

Best Earbuds With Mic [2019]

How We Picked Have you been looking at the newest earbuds wondering if you’ll like them or not? Well, if you have been looking, it’s time to make the switch from conventional on-ear and/or over-the-ear headphones. We know, it’ll be hard to make the switch, but it will be worth it. For starters, earbuds are … Read more

Best Gaming Earbuds [2019]

How We Picked Gaming headphones are great – until they get hot, sweaty, and/or heavy! When this happens, it can make any gaming session less enjoyable, no matter how comfortable your gaming chair or how accurate your wireless mouse is. So, what are you supposed to do – call it off because your headphones SUCK? … Read more

Best Shower Speaker [2019]

How We Picked Having a speaker in the shower is one of those little luxuries that make life all the more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t love washing down after a long day (or blasting themselves with cold water to wake up – if you’re into that sort of thing) while jamming along to their … Read more

Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses

Smart glasses were all the rage a few years back, especially when folks thought that Google Glass was going to kick off a whole new revolution in the consumer electronics market. Unfortunately, things did not pan out that way, and the utopian dream of everyone wearing a pair of smart glasses continue to remain just that: a dream. However, the situation is rather different when it concerns the enterprise market, as Vuzix has entered new territory with the Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses.

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1MORE stylish true wireless in-ear headphones

Music always makes life a whole lot more bearable, and it can prove to be the catalyst during moments when our lives are challenging and difficult. However, with so many different ways and avenues for us to enjoy our music, going wireless happens to be one of the main methods where one’s music consumption does not get hindered in any way at all. 1MORE has come up with their stylish true wireless in-ear headphones which will surely turn heads while delivering excellent audio quality.

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Surge 3D Wireless Immersive 3D Headphone

Not all wireless earphones are created equal, and Surge Club has embarked on a new adventure which should see enthusiasts add this to their wish list. Specially built for gamers, the Surge 3D will bring together a potent combination of stellar 3D sound alongside a sleek look without compromising on the comfort factor so that you can game well and long into the night without suffering from ‘ear burn’. Even if you do just a spot of gaming from time to time, the Surge 3D wireless immersive audio headphones will still work equally well for music playback and Virtual Reality (VR) titles.

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Focal Sphear Wireless in-ear headphones

I strongly believe that every single one of us should own a decent pair of headphones. After all, music plays a very pivotal role in life, making difficult times easier to get through as well as uplifting one’s spirit and inspiring us to greater heights in many of our activities. Focal has come up with their next generation in-ear headphone known as Sphear Wireless, targeting those who would want both quality sound and freedom. The Sphear Wireless will bring together listening quality, comfort and freedom of movement in a single device, offering excellent tonal balance, expert treble handling and a slew of dynamics.

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Surfit Qubo mini projector

There is a time and place for everything, and when it comes to home entertainment, many people like to have the biggest screen possible. Most folks would take the route that features the largest sized display in the form of a TV, but sometimes, you might do better with a mini projector. GenHigh has something … Read more