Scosche makes life lighter with Bluetooth SportclipAIR in-ear headphones

sportclipairHaving a pair of earphones or headphones is cool – way too cool, but this does not mean that one should also continue to remain within a tethered lifestyle. Scosche has come up with a pair of new in-ear headphones that will also drop the wires, which theoretically speaking, should then make you more “free” to roam around and indulge in your physical activities of choice. I am referring to the Bluetooth-powered SportclipAIR in-ear headphones from Scosche.

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Focal introduces first Sphear in-ear headphone

sphearFocal of France has just announced that they will be rolling out what is very well their maiden foray into the in-ear headphone market, and that particular effort will be known as Sphear. Sphear would be a follow up to the successful and well-received over ear headphones in the Spirit line, where Focal has decided to build the Sphear straight from the ground up, with the aim to go up against a pair of pain points of discomfort where other in-ear headphones are concerned, namely excessive weight and volume at the ear canal.

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E1 Camera launches on Kickstarter

e1-cameraThe E1 Camera happens to be the latest entrant into the world of 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) cameras, and thanks to the new digital imaging startup “Z”, the E1 Camera has now been launched as a project on Kickstarter. The E1 Camera itself will feature a micro four-thirds (MFT) sensor as well as an interchangeable lens system that is compatible with majority of the MFT lenses out there, not to mention having one of the most advanced autofocus systems that are in the market today.

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Samsung introduces JS7000 SUHD TV Stateside

samsung-suhd-tvWas it a decade ago when High Definition TVs proved to be all the rage? Well, time has certainly passed by swiftly, and Full HD has become more or less “normal” in our sights at the moment. This can only mean one thing – us consumers are clamoring for the next big thing, and this would mean bigger and flatter TVs, with even thinner bezels, not to mention a higher level of resolution, of course. Samsung, a pioneer when it comes to the world of consumer electronics, has just announced that it will roll out the JS7000 SUHD TV in the US.

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Fluance delivers premium Fi50 Bluetooth speaker

fluanceFluance, the ones behind Serious Performance that churns out audiophile-grade home theater systems and speakers, is pleased as punch to announce that they have just made available its second Fi Series speaker system that will be known as the Fi50. The Fi50 happens to be an elegant, two-way high performance, Bluetooth, premium wood speaker system with aptX enhanced audio which is more than capable of punching above its weight as it delivers room filling, concert-like sound.

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TomTom Bandit action camera available for purchase now

tomtom-banditThe action camera market does seem to get a little bit more crowded now, considering how existing players continue to improve and up the ante from time to time. Contour has their fair share of action cameras from the ROAM series, while GoPro has certainly established themselves with the Hero name. As for TomTom, a name that we would think be associated with GPS navigation devices in the early years, has just revealed that their TomTom Bandit action camera is available for purchase.

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Helmet family monitor makes sure you never miss a moment, ever again

ifarm-helmetHaving a home monitoring device might sound really fancy a decade ago, but with the kind of Internet connectivity that we get these days, you can be sure that sending video over to a mobile device is not a problem at all. I suppose it is more of a question of how many features there are in a home monitoring device than the ability to simply send video. iFamCare has a solution that you might be interested in – and they have named it really simply, calling it Helmet.

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Zeiss VR One makes you feel like Sauron

zeiss-vr-oneWho can forget the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? That all-seeing eye has definitely invoked fear in many who have crossed paths with it through the palantir, and I myself would be scared to death of a disembodied eye, too, which so happens to be surrounded by fire and brimstone. Well, fast forward to today and we have something that is a whole lot more modern and looks far less menacing. In fact, it ranks pretty high up there on the coolness factor, and I am referring to the Zeiss VR One, which has been touted to be the ultimate 360-degree viewer.

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The Kokoon Headphones – finally, a good night of rest

Kokoon Headphones

One week of a crazy schedule turns into two months of non-stop going, and becomes a year of insanity. The only way you can keep yourself going is by getting proper nutrition and at least some semblance of sleep. Of course, figuring out how much sleep you need and when to wake yourself up even though you know you’re not going to get enough is tough. Once you throw in unknown factors like noisy neighbors or rowdy pets, things become even more complicated.

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