Sound BlasterX G6 is pure gaming heaven for consoles

sound-blaster-x-g6When it comes to gaming, visuals play a very important role, but so does audio. Over the years, game developers have paid an equal amount of attention to audio details, and high quality headphones that help convey the in-game environment to gamers do their bit to help, too. Creative Labs has once again broken new barriers in gaming audio with the Sound BlasterX G6, touted to be the best gaming audio upgrade for consoles such as the Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and of course, the PC.

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DJI reveals Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic 2 ZoomWhen it comes to drones, there is one particular name that stands heads and shoulders above the rest: DJI. The company has rolled out some pretty memorable drones in the past, and the future continues to look bright with the release of the Mavic 2 Zoom. The Mavic 2 Zoom happens to be the first foldable consumer drone in the world complete with optical zoom capability, which would be an interesting way of shooting your videos from special angles. It will be powered by a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, ensuring that whatever creative storytelling that you have set out to embark upon will be done in the utmost professional level.

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Dash Cam 500 keeps an eye on everything

dashcam500If there is one particular peripheral that would definitely come in handy while driving, it would be the dashboard camera. After all, getting involved in an accident can be a messy affair, no matter how minor it might be. Having an eyewitness to the incident would be important when it comes to settling insurance claims, which is why a dashboard camera that simply works is of utmost importance (I would say the USB charger comes in a close second). Rand McNally has launched their latest dash cam and companion app, offering high-quality video as well as still photos in a single device: the DashCam 500.

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BeActiv S100 wireless earphones tracks your heart rate as well

BeActiv-S100Not all wireless headphones are created equal, as you will notice with Beem United’s latest innovation: the BeActiv S100. This particular pair of wireless headphones might look rather ordinary at first glance, but when you take a closer peek at it, it offers far more than meets the eye. Primarily, the BeActiv S100 is a pair of wireless fitness earphones, where it offers superior sound quality and high-performing Bluetooth while boasting of an integrated heart rate sensor, allowing you to bring your next workout session to awhole new level without missing a beat. With an asking price of $159 apiece, this is definitely worth your while.

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Wunder360 S1 AI camera

wunder360We are extremely social creatures, which explains why social media continues to take the world by storm. In fact, many of us simply cannot get enough of following the tweets of others, checking out the Instagram updates of people whom we are interested in (all the while displaying our indulgent self to the world through our own accounts), in addition to Facebook updates and the ilk. Well, why not bring things to the next level with the Wunder360 S1 AI camera? This is an industry leading device that offers real-time 360 video stitching and 3D real-world reconstruction.

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SoundFlux wireless stereo headphones break new ground

soundfluxKNZ Technology, an audio tech company that is based in Atlanta, has recently introduced their latest addition: the SoundFlux wireless stereo headphones. Touted to be the first pair of dual-dynamic driver true wireless stereo headphones in the world, this Indiegogo project has managed to surpass its original goal many times over in a matter of just three weeks, which goes to show the kind of demand such a product has in the audiophile market.

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Honeywell offers Smart Home Security system

Honeywell_Smart_Home_SecurityEveryone would love to have a secure home, knowing that being away does not automatically translate to your home being a target of burglars. Hence, there are many different kinds of home security systems in the market, but just which particular model should you pick? Honeywell has introduced its latest Smart Home Security offering that is a self-installed, all-in-one security product which is extremely simple to set up. It basically enables one to be aware of what is happening in and around a consumer’s home.

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ClearDryve 200 2-in-1 headphones

ClearDryveWhen it comes to owning a pair of headphones, there are many different kinds of factors to take into consideration. After all, one’s budget would automatically carry a limit to the kind of models that one can choose from, but here is something from Rand McNally that might just help you make that decision without any further doubt: the ClearDryve 200. The ClearDryve 200 is a breakthrough premium stereo headphone and noise-cancelling mono headset, all rolled into one. Not only that, it is also wireless to boot, ensuring that you are free to live an untethered lifestyle no matter where you go.

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Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker

Cavalier-MaverickSpeakers these days do far more than just pump out tunes of your choice while looking good. The presence of Amazon Alexa voice control adds a whole new dimension to things. Cavalier Audio knows that, which is why they have come up with the Maverick Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that boasts of Amazon Alexa voice control, delivering a refined degree of craftsmanship accompanied by immersive sound to the listener’s home using authentic materials married to impeccable style as well as the latest developments in modern audio technology.

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Vuze XR Dual Camera

vuze-xrWhen it comes to action cameras, there are many different kinds of models out there. However, we do know that virtual reality cameras are catching up in terms of popularity, allowing one to record an environment where it is possible to capture a realistic look of the surrounding place before sharing it with the rest of the digital world. HumanEyes Technologies has come up with the Vuze XR Dual Camera, where it allows anyone to gain the power to create as well as share immersive experiences In 360° (2D) as well as VR180 (3D), and all of this at the touch of a button.

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