8ball audio solution can now be purchased

hear360-8ballWhile many people might think of the 8ball as the black-colored ball used in a game of pool, this 8ball is something that is very, very different from its traditional association. In fact, this 8ball is a full end-to-end spatial audio solution for both cinematic VR and 360 video, and it is now available for purchase. When it comes to immersive 360 video production, spatial audio is a critical component in order to deliver true spatial audio, something that VR creators would love to have. The brainchild of HEAR360, the 8ball is best described to be a patented omni-binaural microphone and software suite that offers the complete end-to-end solution when it comes to cinematic VR and 360 video needs.

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Evolution Digital introduces the eSTREAM 4K Device

eSTREAM-4kEvolution Digital has just announced the availability of its eSTREAM 4K, which is powered by Android TV. The eSTREAM 4K device is a fully-managed all-IP streaming box that will bring together linear cable channels, Video on Demand services alongside streaming apps that are available via the Google Play Store. In other words, users will be able to enjoy an all-new entertainment experience, coupled with a sleek looking remote control that includes voice search and command support.

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MSI and SteelSeries team up to deliver Optix MPG curved gaming monitor

msi-steelseriesMSI is well known for pushing out quality gaming hardware, and SteelSeries is also another name where gaming peripherals are always welcome. The two of them have come together to work on the all new Optix MPG series of curved gaming monitors which will now be supported by the SteelSeries Engine. Making use of five RGB zones right on the front of the monitor, gamers will be able to perform easy programming of lighting effects in the SteelSeries Engine in order to notify them of in-game timers, stats, cooldowns or Discord notifications.

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Sony wireless noise cancelling sports headphones for the active person

sony-noise-cancellingSony has come up with that it deems to be the world’s first truly wireless noise cancelling sports headphones, in the form of the WF-SP700N, and the WI-SP600N and WI-SP500 in-ear sports headphones. All three of them will boast of splash-proof designs in order to let the wearer enjoy sound while they are on the move. Targeting the active yet stylish music lover, the WF-SP700N truly wireless and WI-SP600N in-ear headphones will offer wireless noise cancelling in a manner that noise cancelling has not been done before, including in a high intensity cardio class or while walking or jogging. As for the WI-SP500 in-ear headphones, it will allow the wearer to train for longer with up to eight hours of battery life on a full charge, certainly more than enough time for you to complete a marathon and still have juice to spare!

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Switchmate rolls out the SimplySmart Home concept for better living

SimplySmart_Home_CubeWe all love the idea of convenience and our fingertips, which is why having a home that gets smarter by the day is just the thing that many people are looking for these days. Switchmate revels in the thought of working with connected home products wirelessly through the simple to install and activate SimplySmart Home. The whole point of the SimplySmart Home is to create a modern, automated home without having to perform any kind of messy rewiring jobs, or simply to replace anything, through the availability of its new Cube wireless home security camera.

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Milo smart speaker and home hub

miloIt makes perfect sense in this day and age for everything else to obtain a “smart” label attached to it, and Milo is no different. In fact, Milo takes pride in being the very first combination smart speaker and home hub that boasts of Z-Wave Plus as well as the Google Assistant, now how about that for a really potent partnership? This high performance, all-in-one smart home speaker will be able to deliver not only streaming entertainment, but also voice control of connected devices to boot.

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JLab Audio reveals new Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds

Epic_Sport_Wireless_EarbudsLiving a tethered life can be rather inconvenient at times. After all, how many times have you experienced your pair of earbuds or headphones end up in a tangled mess whenever you would like to listen to your favorite tunes? It can be a rather frustrating experience trying to detangle everything, making the idea of having a pair of wireless earbuds all the more enticing. The question is, with so many different models out there in the market, which particular one would suit you best? JLab Audio figured out that their latest Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds will fit the bill perfectly, offering an award winning fit with an upgraded sweatproof rating, in addition to custom EQ sound settings.

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Jabra reveals third-gen wireless earbuds

Elite_65tWhen it comes to a pair of headphones, many of us are still milking the 3.5mm wired headphones for all that it is worth, never mind the fact that Apple has for some time now ditched the 3.5mm audio jack in its iPhones. Well, as the world continues to make its relentless march into a wireless environment, this would encompass the world of headphones, and Jabra having picked up expertise in this particular area for quite some time already has forged ahead with its third generation of true wireless earbuds. This pair of wireless earbuds is aimed at unshackling the old while making sure that the new is enjoyed to the maximum in the form of the new Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t.

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Optoma reveals a Full HD Alexa-friendly projector

optoma-uhd51When it comes to projectors, these devices are pretty much straightforward without any hassle. The level of brightness in lumens, how large of a display it is able to project as well as the resolution, and the overall lamp life. Apart from that, there really isn’t anything much to think of, but Optoma decided to take things one step further by introducing the very first Alexa-enabled home theater projector from its stable. This is in line with building momentum behind smart home and IoT adoption and integration, where home theater enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the integration of large-screen video into their Alexa ecosystem. This projector from Optoma brings with it 4K UHD resolution and an LED light source that delivers 2,400 lumens.

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Movi Smartphone provides big screen entertainment on the go

movi-smartphoneWhen it comes to enjoying movies while you are on the move, many of us have resorted to copying a movie file onto our smartphones. The very thought of catching your favourite movie on a larger sized display is nice, but not so when you are mobile and need to move around frequently. What if there was an amalgamation of a projector and a smartphone? This idea is definitely not new, first mooted and developed by Samsung, before others such as the Logic Bolt Projector Phone made it to the market. However, these handsets did not really take off in reality, but the idea lives on through the Movi Smartphone, with Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. being the driving force behind this device.

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