Hey, check out my 11-foot iPod dock!

< ![CDATA[What we are looking at is actually an iPod dock, not a replica of a skyscraper designed for the living room.
If you look closely, you can see the iDevice on top. The tower there is 11 feet tall, so you will need a ladder to put it up there.
Yes, it is completely impractical, especially since it weighs in at 870 pounds. You definitely are going to want some help moving this, so prepare a moving party. While you have a party, you should use this for sound. It has 10,000 watts of sound in its five speakers, and it includes a USB, 1/4 inch, and two XLR inputs to connect to other audio components.

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Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick for the iPad

< ![CDATA[Since a lot of users want to use their iPad for games, Atari thought that they could make an accessory for that.
I suppose it is an effort from the company to make gaming as old-school as possible for the company’s old-school titles. For example, you can get a lot of 2600 games on Atari’s Greatest hits iPad App like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and even more.
Of course, the 2600 joystick had only one button, and this guy has four. The joystick is also a different look than the old school console system, but the ball on the top is welcome. Perhaps you can get an attachment for a trackball like the Centipede arcade game of yore (actually, it was the early eighties).

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SmartKeyboard concept gives your iPhone a touchable keyboard

< ![CDATA[It seems that touchscreens are here to stay, and I’m certain that touchscreen keyboards will be our future. I’m guessing that the next generation or two will be fully used to touchscreen keyboards with no haptic feedback.
Until then, you can use this SmartKeyboard for your iPhone. This is a concept designed by Jing Yang of the eico Motion Lab in China.
You can see it in action on the video after the jump, and how it sticks onto the bottom of the iPhone. The user now has what they wanted in an iPhone: buttons. Why, it’s practically a BlackBerry.

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iNecklace imitates the breathing Mac LED light

< ![CDATA[For those that are looking to give their loved ones something special, the iNecklace is definitely a must-give. Especially if your loved one loves tech, specifically, Apple tech.
As you can see, the iNecklace has a power button on it that glows. What you can’t see is that it emulates the breathing LEDs on iMacs and MacBooks.
The chain is 18-inch sterling silver. Other than that, there isn’t too much value as far as precious jewels or metals are concerned on its pendant. The housing is nothing but aluminum, and a battery is required for its shine. The battery is rechargeable, but I am not certain how.

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Escape Capsule offers iPhone 4 protection

< ![CDATA[By now, you know about Mr. Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple. Perhaps the new CEO, Tim Cook, might want to look into these EscapeCapsules.
Okay, that sounded weird. I’m not implying that Mr. Cook needs to escape in any way from his new position at Apple. The EscapeCapsule isn’t something that one uses to quickly leave, but it is something to protect the iPhone 4. Right now, Catalyst has put their Escape Capsule on Kickstarter, but it really should be an official Apple accessory as it is downright useful for protecting an Apple asset.
What you are seeing here is an exo-skeleton made from high-impact clear polycarbonate, which can protect against the elements, including water. It also can protect against impacts like scratches, and while I don’t have the exact specs, it will go underwater.

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WINGStand truly brings the iDevice and Bluetooth keyboard together

< ![CDATA[Apple has a nice peripheral for the iPad and iPhone with their wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, but you really need your iDevice to be at the proper angle if a keyboard is going to be any use.
This is where the WINGStand comes in. It can attach the iPad or iPhone to the keyboard. That might sound like a simple piece of plastic, but in the gadget world, little things like this can do a lot.
I don’t know why Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t have something like a Wingstand on it already. What were users doing before, leaning their iDevice against a wall?

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Apple's New Campus mock-ups unveiled

< ![CDATA[This is a mock-up of Apple’s new campus, and it is under development from big architecture firms Foster + Partners, ARUP North America, and Kier and Wright.
As you can see, it is huge and circular, and it would appear that the center is made to insure that nature is preserved. I admire this decision, as this could have been a solid circle and have more space inside.
As it is, it has space for about 2.8 million square feet, which is good for 13,000 employees. It also has a corporate fitness center, 300,000 square feet research facilities, and a central plant.

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Secret Agent Phone Holder

< ![CDATA[Do you remember back when having a cellular phone was cool? This was back before everyone had them.
If you are going for a more unique look, you could go with this Secret Agent Phone Holder. It is worn like a real FBI-style holster, around the shoulder and across the back.
You could definitely look like some sort of cop or cool officer of the law like the the guy in the picture. The handlebar mustache is actually included, that is self-adhesive for the 70’s Starsky and Hutch appeal. I don’t know if the app to create a badge is included.

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iGunCon syncs the iPhone with a bigger Apple product

< ![CDATA[I’m sure you’re probably familiar with Namco, creators of such great games like Time Crisis. If you never played that game, it involved the use of a light gun to shoot opponents.
Time Crisis has just been put on the iPad 2 and Mac computers, with the name of a Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD. Namco has sweetened the deal by giving out a free app for the iPhone that can pair with the iPad or Mac.
In other words, it turns the iPhone into a light gun. The app allows you to shoot with a variety of sounds like a handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and a grenade launcher.

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The iLuv iMM514 ArtStation Pro

< ![CDATA[I’ve seen some products from iLuv before, and the iMM514 ArtStation Pro is good for turning an iPad into a home theater.
As you can see, the iPad is mounted in an articulated swiveling arm so you can position it at whatever angle you want, in landscape or portrait mode.
In case you are wondering why there is such a big base, it is because it has a huge stereo speaker. In other words, this base has bass. There is also a wireless remote for volume and skipping tracks, and it looks like there are some controls on the base for when you lose the remote.

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