Apple announces iPod nano

So there is no new iPod shuffle at yesterday’s press event by Apple at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, California, but that does not mean that things have not gotten slimmer during the announcements. Not only were we treated to the thinnest iPhone to date as well as the slimmest iPod touch ever, we also have another superlative title introduced for the reinvented iPod nano, which is touted to be the “thinnest iPod ever”, measuring at a mere 5mm, now how about that? Despite its small size, do not think that this is an iPod nano to be trifled with, where it will now come with the largest display ever built into an iPod nano at 2.5” so that your eyes will be able to enjoy more of your music, photos and widescreen videos.

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iPod touch enters the fifth generation

Wow, can you believe it? The iPod touch is now in its fifth generation of existence, which is saying something as we do know that Apple takes a slightly different approach to their product line, more often than not using just the same name no matter which generation it is, while their competitors come up with different kinds of names, although lately Samsung has followed Apple in their footsteps with the Galaxy S range. Having said that, just what does the latest iPod touch deliver to the masses? Let us check out whether a dedicated portable media player has a future in the world of smartphones, shall we?

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The UFO Power Center – It’s Time to Unplug “the Clapper”

I’m sure most of you remember “the Clapper” and in its day, the ability to turn a light on or off from across the room probably seemed pretty neat… but that was a long time ago, and it seems to me with all of our WiFi devices, we should be monitoring and controlling all kinds of stuff from wherever we want to, and now it’s easy.

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Keep Your Ears Open

Active bodies are constantly on the move. And music is certainly a motivator. Running, walking, hiking, biking – they all improve with the right tunes (or podcasts). Most of us have gotten into the earbud or headphone mode. And they are fine, to some extent. But I think any earbud wearer has been in one of these situations: 1) You are in a zone, listening to your music and step or ride out into traffic only to have a near miss with a car, 2) Walking across campus and someone – unbeknownst to you – is running after you shouting your name in an attempt to get your attention, 3) Walking with a friend, who doesn’t have tunes, and you want to share yours.

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The Pebble Smartwatch – Your Watch, Your Way

It seems as though a good number of us are addicted to our smartphones. I know I’m at a complete loss if I forget my phone, I actually feel completely lost and unproductive, but at the same time, if I have the phone, it always seems to be in the way of something… although I have gotten really adept at doing lots of things with only one hand, there has got to be a better way to integrate the almighty smartphone into my life.

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LaunchPort – Charging your iPad in Grand Style

I look around my house and see my devices charging at every conceivable electric outlet, I have all sorts of electronics plugged into ugly little power strips all over the place. I have tried hiding the cords or using more attractive charging stations, but in the end I have a tangled mess of cords and gadgets stuck in every corner. Maybe we should go the other way, and stop trying to hide our charging gadgetry and make the charger an objet d’art. What if our chargers were something beautiful to behold?
Check out Strut’s LaunchPort, sure, it’s an incredibly convenient and wireless way to charge your iPad, but thats not the best part. The LaunchPort is a jewelry grade, stainless steel hand polished sphere shaped pedestal, used in conjunction with a uniquely handcrafted Burl wood, carbon fiber or leopard print case, that charges your iPad and looks simply beautiful doing it.

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MorphCase turns iPod touch into a smartphone

When the iPhone and the iPod touch were first introduced to the masses half a decade ago, many people figured out that the iPod touch was the iPhone – sans the phone part, of course. Well, the iPhone went on to be a huge success around the globe since then, and the iPod touch, well, it continued to reign as the top portable media player in the market, but over time, you could be sure that smartphones took over the portable media player’s mantle as a to-go entertainment device of choice for the masses. Well, if you happen to own an iPod touch, how about giving it a new lease of life with Dexterity’s MorphCase? This unique case is capable of transforming the humble iPod touch into a Wi-Fi mobile phone – and you do not even need a headset or a Bluetooth device to boot. Let us see how this is achieved in the extended post.

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