iCharge All Portable Charger

by Edwin

So you own your fair share of iDevices from Apple, and sometimes, keeping track of all the different accessories for them can be quite a headache. Perhaps there is a way to consolidate some of those accessories that have a common denominator, and the charger is one possibility. It is along this train of thought that the iCharge All Portable Charger was birthed from, where you will no longer need …

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iPhone Powered Personal Fan

by Edwin

So you are the living epitome for the phrase, “There’s an app for that”, and your iPhone proves it. Well, now that you have more or less conquered what the app universe has to offer, how about picking up the whole slew of accessories that are available to the entire iPhone family? Third party accessories manufacturers have had a field day with Apple’s iPhone success, and some of those have …

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Light Show Fountain Speakers

by Edwin

For those of you who have visited Sin City (Las Vegas), you would know that glitz, excess and entertainment is all part of the package. The thing is, with so many different hotels to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice. Most folks would know of the iconic Bellagio with its water fountain show, and here is your chance to bring home a little bit of Bellagio’s magic to …

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HOT GIFT ALERT: Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

by Al

Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

Two of the most popular gadget items on the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker are keyboard related believe it or not. We recently highlighted the Laser Virtual Keyboard. But another popular keyboard is the Sliding Keyboard Case for the iPhone 4/4S on Think Geek. For those that have switched from a more keyboard based unit to an iPhone you will appreciate the tactile feel of the keys again. The hardshell plastic …

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See Baby From Anywhere

by Alison

Hey parents, what was it like the first night you had your child(ren) home and you turned on the baby monitor? Did you jump at the first sound? Let me guess – constantly peeking in to check on baby? I’m assuming it was nerve wracking. For current parents of young ones you could probably use any device that may help instill more confidence in what may be happening in baby’s …

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Mobility + Office Convenience

by Alison

Mobility rocks, usually. Sometimes our mobility clashes with the conveniences we have become used to in an office environment. Have you ever tried popping a cell phone on speaker and getting colleagues to crowd around? Far from professional eh? And the sound quality – on both ends – leaves something to be desired. More and more businesses and individuals rely on mobile technology to communicate. Yet be realistic, cell phones …

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DoubleUp™ When You Charge

by Alison

Hey Apple users: quick, how many chargers are currently plugged in around the house? Between docking stations and cables it seems most rooms in the house have a way to charge idevices. But that is the problem – they are in different rooms! All those chargers and yet we STILL find ourselves saying ‘my pad is at 2% and my phone isn’t done charging’. Why should we have to change …

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[email protected] plus – Your TV, Where you Want It

by Julie

I’m always trying to download movies and TV shows to my iPad and Android devices, TV watching is indeed the best time killer for me. If I have to wait for my daughter’s volleyball practice, or for a doctors appointment, a little television makes the time go by so much faster. Wish I could just take my TV with me everywhere.

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