A ChargeCard…Literally

Anyone who goes travels – whether across the globe or across town – knows the importance of keeping chargers on the ready. You never know when you may have a few seconds to charge up. Keeping the cables organized is a different story though. Personally, my travel bag always resembles a hornets nest. Between cables and headphones. Bleeeech! It’s a mess. And gosh forbid you are totally on the go and don’t have a place to put a cable. Some smart folks in California took a look at this very dilemma and came up with a perfect solution that received some attention at CES last week.

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Phone Reminders on Your Wrist

Anyone paying attention to advancements in the world of using your watch as a helpful, connected device certainly look forward to 2013. Rumors of an Apple watch keep circulating. The long awaited launch of the Pebble was announced at CES. Health and fitness watch features flourished. And something called the Cookoo watch made some headlines. Some of you may look forward to checking texts and emails on a watch. Some can’t go to the gym without a ‘smart watch’. But some of us don’t need THAT much on our wrist. Rather than serving as another device on which to read or interact, I would prefer something that is sort of an extension of my phone features.

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Mobio Go, Grip and Pivot help accessorize your mobile devices

Mobio has just announced a trio of accessories for your mobile devices, where they come in the form of the Mobio Go, Mobio Grip and Mobio Pivot. These three are meant to deliver new methods so that you can enhance the use of tablets and smartphones, making them a whole lot more convenient to use than they already are at this point in time, in addition to being more functional and fun. They are all precision-made (in China), comes in an ergonomic and sleek design, while relying on magnetic-based technology in order to securely hold your mobile devices at the exact spot where you want them to.

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