The Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone and iPod

Here’s another accessory for the iPhone, this time it’s for those that like to hear themselves talk.  Actually, it’s not just for the iPhone, but for the iPod Touch 2G, iPod Nano 4G and the iPod Classic 120G.  It makes it possible for you to record the sound of your own voice in order to make notes of whatever it is you deem important enough.  If you thought a bluetooth headset wasn’t making you look self important enough, making audio notes on your iPhone/iPod will finish off the job.

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Grace Tape2USB Cassette Converter

I’m sure that some of you are looking at that picture of the cassette recorder and saying: “Is this the coolest gadget that you can find today?” and “What is this, the early eighties?”

However, this product is for those of you who may remember the eighties, who might still have a collection of albums on cassettes that were purchased before the advent of CDs. Some of you probably keep your cassettes around because you don’t have the song on any other media. Of course, you still have to go through the rigmarole of fast-forwarding or rewinding to find your favorite track. What you really need to do is take the songs off the cassette and put them on your iPod.

Fortunately, the Tape2USB is designed to convert those old cassettes into MP3 files. All you need to do is plug it into your computer via USB and use the included Audacity software to edit the cassette-to-audio files.

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The iDuck Wireless Speaker

I love having music in the shower, like many others do, but most shower speakers that are meant to hook up with your iPod aren’t interesting in the least.  Not to mention being overly expensive, but I finally dealt with it and bought one (it’s nowhere near as cute as this duck).  Unfortunately I bought one that keeps your iPod inside and my poor iPod Touch has to be crammed in the compartment with a bit of not so gentle force.  With this little duck speaker you could keep your iPod safe and someplace dry, while the duck plays your music in the shower/bath tub.

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Fly Ear Buds Puts a Bug in Your Ear

A few weeks ago, I covered the Blooming Buds, a set of headphones that I saw at CES that allowed the user to put “blooms” on their earbuds to create a unique look.

These ear buds don’t just have some tiny little bloom that conveniently attaches to it, but it has an insect. Yes, you know those flies that you try to keep from buzzing in your ears? Well these are some flies that you want to keep buzzing in your ears.

I don’t have any word about the quality of sound, but since the price is low, I doubt you’re looking at anything high definition here. Of course, even if the sound from these ear buds was the best in the world, would you want to wear them? I mean, they look like flies, for crying out loud! Let’s put it this way, if you were to collapse with these ear buds on, people would think you were a dead body with flies in the ears.

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The Combi iPod Bouncer lets you expose babies to real music

Many women believe that having their unborn child listen to certain music is highly good for them.  That usually means they have headphones playing Bach attached to their belly.  However, for others it means that they’re educating their child on a few rock legends or their favorite artist.  Well why end it when the child is born?  Now with this Combi iPod Bouncer, you can have your child bouncing away to your favorite songs.  Perhaps it will also mean that when they’re older you won’t get stuck listening to Disney’s greatest hits in the car just to keep them quiet.

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The Angel & Devil Earphones

If you are constantly debating between the good and the bad thing to do, display it proudly with these earphones.  They can sit in either ear and you can pretend those conflicting thoughts come directly from the earbuds.  Just don’t expect to tell anyone else about the voices and not end up in a cozy padded room.  Although they won’t whisper any actual suggestions in your ears, they will play your favorite music.

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Rapid Repair offers hard drive upgrade for iPods

When the words Rapid Repair are bandied about to the commoner, chances are the first thing one would think of would be an auto repair shop to service automobiles that have broken down. Well, the more technologically savvy ones out there will realize that Rapid Repair does not do cars, bikes or buses, but it caters for the world of digital electronics instead. Today, they have announced that they will be able to increase the capacity of your fifth generation iPod Video to hit a whopping 240GB – that’s a vast improvement over the stock iPod Video that you bring home from the store. Head on after the jump to read more about this service.

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Blooming Buds: Fashion for the earbuds

Even though I promised not to, I can’t help but constantly report on some sort of product that I discovered at CES 2009. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas after all.

For those who don’t know CES, the Sands Expo is where a lot of the newer and concept companies tend to have their displays. This is different than the Las Vegas Convention Center, which usually has all the bigger electronics companies taking up as much floor space as possible.

Yes, it is often at the Sands that features products like the Blooming Buds, which is probably the best collision of technology and accessorizing that I have ever seen. The Blooming Buds are earphones that don’t really give better sound than normal iPod earbuds, but the thing that makes them unique is the user can add on “blooms” that allow the user to make a statement.

These blooms attach to the earbuds, and they come in all forms including dollar signs, sports balls, national flags, and many other symbols. There was even one for Barack Obama inauguration.

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