Speakal miSoccer speaker system


You know that a particular market is extremely lucrative when there are tons of competition out there, case in point speaker systems as well as docking stations for the iPod family, all jostling for a slice of the financial pie assuming their product makes it to the best selling list. Speakal has such similar dreams of their own as well, having recently rolled out their latest addition from its family of High Fidelity Audio Speakers and iPod Docking stations, known as the miSoccer speaker system. Talk about a speaker system that has a kick of its own – it will also make a great gift idea for those who are absolutely nuts about soccer as the World Cup Finals will be held in South Africa next summer.

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Comply NR-10i earphones


Whenever you pick up an iPhone, you can more or less be sure that you’re getting a quality piece of portable media player as well. After all, it is basically an iPod touch with the added capability to communicate with the rest of your friends and family. Having said that, there is an extremely huge market where accessories for either device are concerned (alongside the rest of the iPod family, of course, but I digress). Even average Joes these days want something better than the stock earphones provided with the regular iPhone, which is where third party earphones come in. The Comply NR-10i earphones is just one of numerous third party earphones available, where we shall take a closer look at it right after the jump.

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iPod Bicycle Speaker protects your iPod

bicycle ipod speaker

Having an iPod around is great, especially when you’re doing various activities.  However, there are some that you almost don’t want to use it, purely because you’re afraid of damaging your iPod.  Bicycling is one of those things for some people.  You never know when you’re going to get caught in a downpour or just happen to accidentally spill your bottle of water.  With this Bicycle iPod Speaker it’d keep your iPod safe and you’d get to listen to your music while you’re on your bike.

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Boombox iPod Dock Speaker

bombox dock

If you can’t swing the big iPod boombox, at least you can have this tiny one.  It’ll allow for you to play your music through a classic boombox, but you won’t have to break the bank to buy it.  Of course you’ll look really silly trying to perch this on your shoulder, so you might just want to leave this one on the tabletop.  At least you’ll get to combine your new technology with a true classic.

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Rihanna Kitchen Scale features built-in iPod dock


It almost seems like manufacturers are getting desperate to sell their kitchen scales.  Lately there have been many kitchen scales that try to have a twist to make them more appealing to the general public.  Well if you use yours a lot, this one will let you listen to you music.  At least with this you can combine your iPod dock with a kitchen scale instead of having two different gadgets cluttering up your countertop.

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Flip Video to debut Wi-Fi Capable Pocket Camcorders

The next version of the Flip Mino Pocket Camcorder will have wireless capability ...
The next version of the Flip Mino Pocket Camcorder will have wireless capability ...

When Apple announced video capability in the iPod Nano and a video camcorder in the iPhone 3Gs, Cisco saw a dramatic increase in YouTube video uploads. And as such, they saw the handwriting on the wall. Sure, the Flip has the edge with HD, but to have an all in one solution with the iPhone has forced Cisco, the new owners of Flip Video, to get working on a response. And to that end, they’ve announced that the next model of the phenomenally successful Flip Video Pocket Camcorders will come with built in Wi-Fi. But that’s not all.

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iPod Desktop Speaker makes for an affordable gift


Finding affordable gifts for someone who is more into technology than anything else can sometimes seem to be a trying task.  Luckily though there are some retailers happy to sell off speakers to go with your precious iPod or iPhone.  With this speaker it’ll play your music, while also giving a spot to rest your iPod and leave it on display.  You could easily see and flip through music while it’s hooked up to the speaker.

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