iPod Desktop Speaker makes for an affordable gift


Finding affordable gifts for someone who is more into technology than anything else can sometimes seem to be a trying task.  Luckily though there are some retailers happy to sell off speakers to go with your precious iPod or iPhone.  With this speaker it’ll play your music, while also giving a spot to rest your iPod and leave it on display.  You could easily see and flip through music while it’s hooked up to the speaker.

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iTrip Auto brings the playlist to your car stereo

itrip-auto_1Griffin Technology, the company who created the first iPhone controlled hardware with the iTrip, has also made another version of this device with the iTrip Auto. Designed for both the iPod and iPhone, it uses SmartScan technology to transmit your playlist to your car stereo.

All the user has to do is plug in the iTrip Auto to their Apple device with the Apple connector, then start their music. The other end of the cable gets plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, which will power the transmitter.

From there, it is as simple as hitting the “SmartScan” button which has the ability to find out what is the best frequency to use for the user’s iPod/iPhone. The only thing left to do is manually dial in the frequency on the car’s FM radio, then bam! You’ve got music.

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Philco Dynamic Tester turned into iPod dock


There have been plenty of gadgets that have found new uses by having updated technology jammed inside of them.  The gadgets come from all different time frames and this one is actually created from a device that was originally released in 1946.  This Philco Dynamic Tester has found new life as an iPod speaker amp.  Despite that it’s made out of a device that’s 63 years old, it looks even better than the newer gadgets released this year.

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iBiquity Digital Corporation unveils Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver

ibiquityiBiquity Digital Corporation has rolled out a new accessory known as the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver for the iPod touch and iPhone, where it will be accompanied by the Gigaware HD Radio application which allows owners of either device to receive HD Radio FM broadcasts without missing a beat. Both the accessory and HD Radio application will combine to take advantage of the iPhone 3.0 operating system with its ability to support external accessories. With iPhone 3.0, application developers are able to make use of external hardware support, resulting in accessories such as the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver.

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Smart Cover charges iPhones and the iPod Touch


Those that got their hands onto an iPhone generally try to protect it from everything possible.  That usually means picking up a case, even if that means covering up your very sleek and attractive iPhone or iPod Touch.  Well if you’re going to pick up a case anyway, you might as well make it an eco-friendly one that gives you a few extra hours of talk time.  Then you’ll never be without a form of back up power.

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Vers unveils new cases for iPod and iPhone


With the world going nuts about going green these days, it goes without saying that you ain’t in without being green. After all, we are responsible for handing over a sustainable earth to the next generation, and like an old saying goes, we don’t hand over the earth to our kids – instead, we borrow it from them. That ought to put things into perspective in the long run, and it is nice to know that companies have stepped up the effort of going green by being way more serious than they used to be. Vers is one such company, further expanding its line of sustainably built, hand-crafted wood cases for iPod and iPhone while offering open-front Shellcases that enable full display access. Each Vers case will merge the natural beauty and strength of Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo, making them the most environmentally thoughtful cases available on the market.

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Media Chair offers surround sound


If you’re all about being immersed in you music, this chair is definitely the way to pull that off.  With the speakers right up around your head, and the cozy look of the chair, you’ll be able to get lost for hours.  I just wish it were a swivel chair, then it’d have that command center type appeal.  Although, you could get that super villain kind of look if you picked up the black version of the chair.

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Parrot launches RKi8400 car stereo system


Parrot has rolled out the RKi8400 car stereo system in the US, where it will play nice with both the iPhone and the iPod. Making its debut Stateside at SEMA, this new device is proud to continue Parrot’s tradition of groundbreaking development when it comes to hands-free Bluetooth communication systems. First things first – the Parrot RKi8400 is an FM/AM RDS car stereo which will boast multiple connections for digital music and advanced hands-free telephony functions. Apart from that, it boasts a first by featuring a storage compartment located behind the removable front panel, making it the ideal place to stash away your recharging iPhone or iPod, far away from prying eyes while offering protection at the same time.

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Power Duo Reserve iPod and iPhone charger by Griffin

powerduoreserve_1I’m not one of those people who always has to listen to an iPod all day, but if I was, then I’m sure I would forget to charge it. Hopefully, you can carry around a backup charger handy.

According to Griffin’s website, their PowerDuo Reserve is “the industry’s most trusted AC and 12 volt chargers”. The included portable battery is designed for the iPod and iPhone.

All you have to do is magnetically lock the small battery pack to the car charger or AC adapter, and the tiny green lights let the user known when it is charged. Later, when you are listening to your iPod and see that its battery is getting low, just plug in the charged battery pack for a little more juice.

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