Nike+ FuelBand – Because Lifes a Game

It’s official, Spring has sprung, not that we ever had much of a Winter. I look out the window this afternoon and my thoughts turn to bathing suits and barbecues, not necessarily in that order. The barbecue sounds great, slapping on a swimsuit after a winter that didn’t involve so much as a single sleigh ride or shoveling session, not so much.
Well it looks like Nike is at the ready to save us from ourselves with their new FuelBand, How active do you wish you were? Let your Nike+ FuelBand know and it will monitor your progress, track your time, steps taken, calories burned and keep tabs on your NikeFuel. Compete with others or against yourself, everyday can be a new challenge.

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Galileo – 360 Degrees of Pan and Tilt

I love my new iPhone, I have to say it has brought to a whole new level the amount of time I can waste doing nothing constructive at all. Yes, it can help you be more productive as well, I just haven’t figured out how to use it that way yet. Perhaps I should take a class. I enjoy searching the net looking for new gadgets to use with the iPhone and this one looks interesting.
Motrr, the same folks behind the whole Gorillapad  line of camera tripods, is introducing the Galileo, a revolutionary iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with “infinite spherical rotation capability”. It works something like this: You swipe your finger across the screen of your iPad, iPhone or other iOS device and the Galileo reacts, moving and orienting your iPhone or iPod Touch in the direction of your choosing.  

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USB Outlet Quattro-“the Gadget Plug”

As you can imagine I have a bunch of gadgets and they all come with their own little box that you plug the USB into, before you plug it into the wall outlet. I have a million of them. They are bulky, some have the little folding prongs, you need to make sure you have it with you all the time or you cant charge anything, literally just one of those everyday annoyances.
Well, here’s something you may not have seen before (at least I haven’t) and as I gaze upon it lovingly, I wonder to myself, where have you been all my life? Meet the Outlet Quattro, designed just for your ever popular USB charged gadgets and gizmos. Gone are the days where you will require those little detached black or white boxes, “high tech” your house and get these babies built right in.

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Duo Pop – a Gameshow for your iPad

Ever since I was little, I always loved the idea of family game night. It always made me feel special and I always had so much fun! I guess psychologists have a million different reasons why family time is so important to the development of a child. I just know it was one of the highlights of being a kid, and it made me feel a whole lot closer to my mom and dad.
Well, here’s something you dont see everyday, a multi player gameshow for the iPad, think Jeopardy, without the need to phrase the answers in the form of a question. Each player gets their own “Popper” in order to buzz in with an answer. The apps are available on iTunes and with several titles to choose from, family game night can be a blast!

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Apple Free – iDevice Protection

I admitted in a recent post that I had yet to purchase an iPhone. While I got the occasional accolade, for the most part people snickered and belittled me for not yet entering the 21st century. Bear in mind I already had an iPad and an iPod and various other electronic  items that should have qualified me among the tech savvy, but most folks were faintly ashamed of me.
This weekend I got the darn iPhone. Of course I purchased the optional insurance from Apple, as I saw it, there was no choice. It was very expensive, but I have a daughter that we call “the Crusher”, so a discussion was not necessary. Well, I wish I had known about iSmart Protection, available nationwide, it offers the first ever family, group, small business and large organization plans at discounted prices. Best of all, it actually offers protection to people with UNLOCKED or Jailbroken iPhones who were previously unprotected. (woo-hoo)

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Tagg Pet Tracker – Your Pet can Text You while he’s Away

When I was a kid we had a dog that ran away all the time, I remember combing the streets and screaming his name over and over, making posters and driving the streets with my dad. Thing is, he was so cute and lovable, we would always find him hanging out with some neighbors, getting fed table scraps and lounging in the grass, but I still worried, I loved him so much.
Well, little Digger’s social life would have been cut short with the Tagg Pet Tracker, designed for dogs and cats over 10 lbs. this small, lightweight device attaches to your pet’s favorite collar with a 2 piece clip. Of course it is designed to withstand all the running, digging, jumping and swimming your pet may encounter during his getaway. The tracker is meant to be worn all the time, in all kinds of weather. 

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Rokform’s Rokbed Fuzion iPhone 4/4S case is proudly made in the USA

“Made in USA” used to be a symbol of quality, but over the years, with the manufacturing of goods being outsourced to countries that have far cheaper labor and poorer working conditions in some cases, we see less and less “Made in USA” labels on products that we purchase off the shelf. In fact, Made in China has long been the mantra for many manufacturers, be it clothes, toys, and consumer electronics equipment. There has been some debate as to whether Apple should make less in the name of profit and bring back manufacturing of their iPhones to the US, but at least Rokform is proud to be all American.
This manufacturer of premium protective cases, stands and accessories for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch devices has their latest product up for sale – the Rokbed Fuzion Aluminum/Polycarbonate iPhone 4/4S case that is said to be the result of top-quality domestic production. Let us read up more about it in the extended post, and who knows? You might out of the door after that in a jiffy to pick up one of the Rokbed Fuzions.

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Xappr – You Knew your Smartphone would Help you Defend the Earth

First, I must confess something, I do NOT have an iPhone. Let me say it again for those of you shaking their head in disappointment and disbelief (and the rare few among us applauding gently) In fact, I don’t own a Smartphone of any kind. I guess I like to delude myself into thinking I’m smart enough all by myself, and while I dabble in iPads and Android tablets and some cloud browsing, I have yet to turn my life over to my phone, although I considered it this weekend, and I consider it everytime I find out about things like the Xappr.
Please allow me to introduce you, the Xappr is a soon to be available Smartphone accessory that allows you to play amazing augmented reality games on your phone! Available as the Xappr and Micro-Xappr these weapons of mass destruction will allow you to conquer invading alien armies and take down alien spacecraft all with your super powerful iPhone.

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