Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar for your Apple devices

We all know that Apple churns out some really spiffy looking devices, and have done so for a fair number of years already, without any hint of them stopping anytime soon. Well, if you happen to own at least one of the following – the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or MacBook, then you might want to check out the Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar which was specially designed as an accessory for the mentioned devices.
Of course, for anything to work in tandem with Apple’s devices, they will certainly need to look their best – or at least, flow along with the general design principles over at Cupertino. Good to know that the Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar conforms to such lofty standards, and we shall take a closer look at just what it is capable of delivering for your ears to enjoy right after the jump.

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The Curve Handset and Dock – Old School Meets High Tech

Most people love their iPhones, in some cases the cell phone has even taken the place of the house phone, at the very least most homes have remote phones, those wireless little bricks in varying degrees of gray colored boredom, with a few tedious ringtones and usually very few special qualities that would make one stand apart from another.
That is until now, award winning French designer Davis Turpin brings us another of his graceful everyday designs in his new Curve BT iDock. Now you can charge your iPhone and even sync with iTunes with this Bluetooth connected charger with an attractive, yet substantial handset that just begs to be cradled between your shoulder and your ear, just like in the good old days.The Curve also expands the connection radius at home by allowing you to place your mobile phone at the location with strongest signal strength, and leave it there while you move about.

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Contact Lens Helps you "See" Blood Sugar Levels

I did a post last week about a semi permanent tattoo that could monitor blood sugar in diabetics. It involved nanoparticles being injected beneath the skin that could constantly indicate blood glucose levels by changing color. There was a tremendous response to that post, and its no surprise, no one wants to be sticking themselves several times a day to test their blood.
Well, I thought you guys might be interested in another option that may not be that far off the horizon, how about a contact lens for diabetics that can change color in order to alert you to blood sugar levels utilizing a sugar sensing chemical? That would be pretty awesome right?

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iZen – The Eco Friendly Bluetooth Keyboard

My daughters school sent home a booklet trying to get us to be more “green,” unplugging TV’s, turning off the computers at the surge protector in order to prevent the dreaded vampire power drains… I gotta tell ya, I recycle, I don’t let the water run, and I have ugly canvas shopping bags, but somehow, technology and “environmentally friendly” well, they dont usually go together.
Until now, the  iZen keyboards are here, and they’re ready to change your mind. The iZen Bamboo keyboard is the first eco-friendly bluetooth keyboard ever available on the market. They are very handsome,  low profile, and portable. Its perfect for anyone, and its great looking and unusual 92% bamboo construction is certainly a nice change from your basic white or black plastic!

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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPhone/iPod/iPad docking station

When it comes to the world of high end audio devices and consumer electronics devices, you can be sure that the name Bang & Olufsen is definitely going to rank right up there with the very best. After all, it is the epitome of quality as well as brilliant design, and this time around, the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPhone/iPod/iPad docking station will be on the receiving end of a wireless update.
Yes sir, the new BeoPlay A8 sound system will extend the functionality of the best-selling BeoSound 8, and this is made possible thanks to the inclusion of Apple AirPlay in order to hook up your iPhone or iPad to a flexible world of premium sound – and this can be achieved in an instant as well as sans wires.

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The iPhone Lens Dial – for the Serious iPhone 4s Photographer

I admit it, I have a Nikon DSLR and a Sony Cybershot, but somehow I end up taking more pictures on my iPhone. I guess it makes sense since is always available, easy to remember, and takes a pretty good shot, for a phone. But inevitably I will miss quite a few of those perfect pictures, If only I could have been just a little closer… I always walk away kicking myself for not having at least grabbed the Cybershot.
So who could blame me for being intrigued by the iPhone Lens Dial? Not only does this complete 3 lens optical system, made specifically for your iPhone, look cool, but it boasts fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto lens capabilities. The lenses are optical quality coated glass set into an aircraft grade aluminum case with both portrait and landscape tripod mounts.

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Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 – Wanna watch a Movie?

I like to share pics and video that I carry around on my iPhone, obviously that’s one of the main reasons I even own an iPhone in the first place, but I have to tell you, its hard to get the full effect of some of those special moments on my phones touch screen, no matter how vibrant and amazing the screen may be, its still pretty darn small.
Welcome the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4, a nifty little, easy to use dock station and projector that can take your movies, videos or presentations and project them anywhere. Poolside movie shown on the side of your house? No problem. Camp-out under the stars while you watch the latest hack and slash film on a sheet hung in the trees? Absolutely! The device charges via USB and can also be used as a back up battery for your phone.

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iBGStar – Diabetes Management Anytime, Anywhere!

The compact iBGStar is a new blood glucose meter and monitoring system, The iBGStar plugs directly into the base of your iPhone or iPod touch and quickly displays results immediately after your testing, on your phone’s touch screen via the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App. The unit itself, is sleek, small and ultra-portable.
The iBGStar Diabetes Manager App has a wide range of on- the-go features that allow users several different ways to analyze their readings over time. Patients can record and track readings, carbohydrate intake and (if applicable) insulin dosing. Color coded scorecards keep track of  your individual test results, making any low blood glucose readings very easy to identify. The application also has a nifty “share” feature which enables users to pick out information to send (as an e-mail) to their doctor or other health-care professional.

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Last Alert – Find your Phone even after it's Dead

The alarm goes off in the morning and everyone scrambles. Right about the time we should be getting in the car to get my daughter to school, the inevitable happens…Wheres my phone? And the search is on. Yes, I know we should just put our phones in the same place every night. Yes, I know all this unpleasantness could be avoided, but how many of you have misplaced or dropped your phone somewhere and couldn’t find it? Come on, a show of hands please.
So I want you to check out Last Alert, a neat new app designed to help you find your lost iDevice, even if (horror of horrors) you know the battery is dying. Last Alert not only emits an audible tone letting you know your battery is dying but it will actually send you an email during your phones last gasp of energy, letting you know the actual location of its demise. But thats not all!

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Epson Moverio – You Won't Believe your Eyes!


Epson America, announced a few days ago, the newest and coolest visual display technology glasses, the Epson Moverio BT-100, the very first Android based wearable transparent display glasses. Using what is called, micro-projection technology, and a track-pad controller, Moverio allows you to view streaming video, experience 3D content and enjoy downloaded digital content on a virtual 80-inch “perceived” screen projected into the user’s real environment, allowing you to be completely aware of your surroundings, all while being entertained.
 The very portable Moverio glasses have  built-in Wi-Fi and boast up to six hours of rechargeable battery life. Epson’s Moverio offers a super innovative way to interact with a huge variety of content from virtually any location. Users can also easily access downloaded content via the microSDHC card slot (4GB card included) and built-in 1GB internal user storage, without the need for wireless network access.

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