Turn your iPhone 5 into an FM Radio

We can listen to music in a variety of ways. It can be on our own device, where we cherry-pick what songs are on there with specific playlists, CDs or records which play only what’s on them, online music stations which are also determined by you, or the radio. The latter of these options has local and national news, commercials, special events, music picked by the host or callers, and the main use for most of us, is using this medium for information in times of emergency. Aside from having a radio in your car, most of us don’t really bother with getting something that specifically works as a radio.

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SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller is for the iOS gaming elite

There comes a time where you pass the threshold of simply being a gamer to one of the gaming elite. It takes a lot of practice, but once you’re there, you can’t really go back. You’re not only aware of issues within each game to a more severe degree, but you also understand how important your tools are when facing a foe of equal level.

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The iMpulse will make gaming and playing music on your phone much easier


We use our phones for just about everything. They play the part of taking and receiving calls of course, but we also have texting, games, answering emails, surfing the web, and listening to music. It has our whole lives hiding inside, and helps us to be more productive (if we choose to be). The only problem that many of us face, is that our screens and some of the controls on our phone are too small. That’s why many people have moved to phablets.

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AUUG Motion Synth will turn movements into music

motion synth by AUUG

We express ourselves in many different ways. Some need an outlet such as art or a physical activity to vent their emotions. Perhaps one of the most widely used methods though, is music. Listening to music is how we show others what we think of the world, how we’re feeling on a particular day, or in a specific moment. Most of the time though, it’s the music that other people have created, but has an element that we can relate to. What if you could create your own music, and didn’t even need an instrument to do so?

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Swivl – Your Own Personal Cameraman


There are plenty of occasions where you might want to get a video of yourself. Whether it be a teacher recording a lecture. An aspiring singer that wants to “see” their own performance. Some kids practicing school presentations. A couple wanting to dabble in making a… well, you get the idea. Recording yourself can be awkward at best, and sometimes there simply isn’t anyone around to capture the action for you.

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SoundDew Wireless Speakers – for Whatever the Weather


Music brings a lot to everyday life. I believe everyones life has a soundtrack. I like to the mine is the kind of music you hear during a wine commercial, but it’s really not. Some days it’s a lot more Rob Zombie than Mozart. That being said, I love listening to some tunes almost everywhere I go, and the shower is no exception. So how about a water resistant, wireless speaker that can go almost anywhere?

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Tooks – Hats You Can Hear


Seems like headphones are all the rage this holiday season, all sorts of high dollar, over the ear headgear, or even special, custom made silicone earbuds. Most of them are way over-the-top in terms of cost, so they’re not going to be handed out to too many people on my Christmas list. I have to find something with cool-factor, that’s not going to break the bank.

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The Selfie – Hot New Phone Accessory


Oh, you’ve done it, and you know who you are. Out with friends, down at the beach, at your friendly neighborhood bar. You’ve pursed your lips, or stuck out your tongue while holding your iPhone at arms length  and snapped a picture of  yourself. Yup, the selfie… a powerful enough phenomenon to be named Oxford Dictionaries’ word for the year.

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