Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand

It seems like there are a lot of external batteries that you can get for your iPod/iPhone, and mophie certainly has some good ones out. This one from Kensington, the PowerLift, is unique as it is a back-up battery, dock, as well as a stand.
The 1200 mAh battery pack comes with an attached USB cord so it can be charged with anything with a USB port. As you can see in the image, the PowerLift has a kickstand that allows for putting the iPhone or iPod as a display, perfect for watching videos or using FaceTime.
If you want to use your iPhone for calls while you are charging it, no problem! All that is required is that you tack it on to the bottom of the iPhone and make your phone calls as usual. Just think of it as a longer iPhone.

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JBL OnBeat Air grooves to Airplay technology

When it comes to audio devices, you know for sure (your ears probably won’t be able to fool you) when you see the logo “JBL” emblazoned across, that quality will be there. I guess that is the case for most, as I am quite sure that there will be a group of you out there who will disagree. Well, one of JBL’s latest releases would be the JBL OnBeat Air – a device that is said to deliver incredible sound over the wireless technology from Apple known as Airplay, letting you stream your favorite tunes via your laptop, iPhone or iPad.
Needless to say, being wireless does not mean it will work throughout your home, unless you live in a small one-bedroom studio. There will definitely be blind spots around, but generally speaking, a room by itself would do just fine, and that is where most folks would confine the use of the OnBeat Air to anyways. As for audio quality, you can be sure that this versatile music player will feature digital sound processing equalization, sporting dual Phoenix full-range transducers that roll out a room-filling soundscape.

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t’Light S – let there be light, and music!

iPod/iPhone docks are dime a dozen for the longest time ever since Steve Job’s idea took off in an explosive way, and most of the time, they come in the form of a built-in alarm clock, some with bigger speakers than the rest. Well, what M&C Lighting has in store is something totally different – taking the road less traveled, so to speak, by coming in the form of a lamp. Yes sir, not only can you dock your portable media player cum phone from Apple in here to juice it up and play your favorite tunes, you will also be able to use the artistically named t’Light S to provide enough light while you read the latest book on poets.
Having a heart for the environment, the t’Light S will boast eco-friendly illumination from a 5W LED in addition to audio output and a charging function. Why LED, you ask? For starters, it not only has a superior life, but will also consume far less juice compared to other light sources without having any detrimental impact on light quality. The t’Light S is not only suitable for reading, but will also do its part to protect your eyesight as well. It seems that M&C Lighting recommends this as a night light if you need some sort of light while sleeping, where the included remote control will enable you to dim the LED light accordingly via a range of settings.

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Xtreme Mac’s InCharge Home USB for iPod, iPhone and iPad

It is difficult to talk about the InCharge Home USB for the iPod, IPhone, and iPad without mentioning Energizer’s New 10W USB Chargers and Cables for iDevices that I reviewed last week. Considering that the InCharge Home USB has 10 Watts of power and is designed for the same type of device, you can see my dilemma.
It is always good to have another charger for iDevices around, as recharging cords tend to get lost. What I like about the InCharge is that the plugin is quite thin with flip-out prongs. The one from Energizer has flip-out prongs too, but it is slightly thicker.

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Energizer’s New 10W USB Chargers and Cables for iDevices

I always like to see what Energizer is up to, like with the Inductive Charger. The little pink bunny rabbit has put out some new solutions for charging Apple products, and they have four new products that you can see here.
After the jump, you will see more details, starting with the top left product in the image and going counter-clockwise to the left.

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JBL On Time Micro iPod/iPhone dock

Lately I have been seeing a trend in iPod/iPhone docks. A lot of them are small, round, and they tend to put out more sound than you would expect. Such is the case of the PURE Contour, the iHome iA17, and now the JBL On Time Micro.
I got a chance to try out the On Time Micro, and I thought it was pretty loud on one of the lower settings. The On Time Micro uses two JBL Phoenix transducers for computer-optimized equalization for its good sound.
The On Time Micro is really made to be an alarm clock dock for the iPod or iPhone, because a lot of people need that. Not only will it charge the iDevice while you sleep, but you can wake up to whatever your favorite song on your playlist.

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Soundfreaq rolls out Sound Stack

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack is yet another player to join the wireless speaker movement, although this particular model has been augmented by the inclusion of DubSub technology which we will look at in closer detail after the jump. At the moment, here are some details on the Sound Stack Рit has been touted to be the company’s latest and largest Hi-Fi wireless speaker to date, and is also the third Bluetooth home speaker under the Soundfreaq umbrella to keep the highly acclaimed Sound Platform, Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge company.
Specially designed and developed for audiophiles, Sound Stack is said to have captured the nuance of every note, while complementing every genre of music at virtually any volume. Well, without much further ado, let us delve into what the Sound Stack offers right out of the box.

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Libratone Lounge and Live brings AirPlay to your living room

Wireless connectivity is all around us, and with this development, one is able to live without the clutter of nasty cables (who seemingly have a life of their own, I might add). Well, Libratone engages the wireless generation with a couple of speaker systems – the Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge that will support the AirPlay standard for the ultimate sound experience right smack in the middle of your living room. With Apple’s AirPlay support, you can now stream songs from your iTunes music libraries on Mac or PC, in addition to the tracks stashed away on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, over a Wi-Fi network.
First of all, let us take a look at the Libratone Lounge system that was specially designed to fill up every corner of your room with perfect audio – you will be able to choose from Slate Grey, Blueberry Black and Vanilla Beige as standard where that will set you back by a rather handsome $1,299, and if you desire to add a dash of class by having it come in red and green cashmere, then the price goes up by another $100.

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SofShell for the iPad 2 from Sofproducts

I have reviewed a lot of covers made for the back of the iPad like Bracketron’s Back-iT and the AViiQ Smart Case, and this SofShell by Sofproducts falls under that product category.
As its name implies, the SofShell goes for a soft rubber feel rather than a hard plastic or metal shell. It also has a unique ability of being transparent. You would be able to completely see through it if not for the interior case texture that keeps it on and makes it easy to peel off.
It “fits like a glove” and is able to reduce shock by 43 percent. Sofproducts also states that their product is “anti-slip”, which means that you could rest an iPad 2 with a SofShell backing on an angle that is 70 degrees, and it would not slide off.

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